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trick rate
(Noun) an act intended to deceive someone as a joke or for personal gain
Usage: Someone called her to tell her she won a free cruise, but it was just a trick to get her credit card information.

trick rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. Originally, a bout of lovemaking.

2. Or: cute trick , an attractive child or young women.


(1) Jerry Stewart (Clark Gable) and a clerk about Connie Randall in No Man of Her Own (1932):
-- Babe: ' Who's the live wire? '
-- Clerk: ' That's Connie... A cute trick, but oh boy! Is she spirited.'

(2) Dennis Carson/Fred (Clark Gable) meeting Vantine/Lili (Jean Harlow) in Red Dust (1932): ' You talk too much but you're a cute little trick at that.'

3. Or: trick-babe / trickster , a prostitute. See prostitute for synonyms.

4. A prostitute's customer.
SYNONYMS: baby; beef burger; client; cull; date; fare; john; meal ticket; meatball; money trick; patron; piper; punter; sucker; TOS; trade.
SEE ALSO: 33; 78; champagne trick; curb crawler; freak trick; frequent flyer.

5. The business agreement between a prostitute and her customer; a sexual transaction for money. Catchphrase: ' May all your tricks be treats.'

6. To turn a trick / pull a trick / turn a date , in prostitution, an act of sex performed for pay.

7. In prostitution, pretending to have an orgasm.

8. To trick / turn tricks , to work as a prostitute.

9. Gaylese for a short-term sex partner as opposed to a lover. Synonym: floater.

10. A quick sexual encounter with someone.

11. Tricks , lovemaking techniques.

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