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baby rate
(Noun) a very young child
baby rate
(Expression) an infant
Usage: goodnight baby

baby rate
(Noun) Infant
Baby rate
(Noun) Mini-sized.
Usage: I saw a baby elephant. It was small.

baby rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. An infant from birth to about two years of age.
Synonyms: angelface; babe; babe-in-arms; babykins; bambino; boomer; bottle baby; brat; bundle (of joy); bundle from heaven; buttercup; changeling; cherub; chick; child; crawler; drape ape; dumpling; fosterling; honeychild; in diapers; infant; ingenue; innocent; kid; kiddie; kitten; little imp; little monkey; little devil; little angel; little darling; little one; little doll; little deduction; little dividend; lollipop; mite; moppet; ninny; nipper; nursling; offspring; papoose; preemie; progeny; rosebud; rug rat; shark bait; small fry; snookums; snooky; suckling; tad; tax benefit expense; tiny tot; toddler; tyke; weanling; young innocent; young creature; youngster.

2. Term used by pro-life advocates to refer to an unborn embryo or fetus.

3. Pertaining to or having to do with a baby.

4. Adjective for infantile or childish.
Synonyms: baby; babyish; childish; childlike; infantile; infantine.

5. Term of familiar address between friends and lovers.

6. Term of endearment for addressing a superlative sweetheart (male or female) or an attractive man or woman. This term reflects a transfer of love for a child or baby to an adult.


(1) Anne Schuyler (Jean Harlow) to a boyfriend in Platinum Blonde (1931): 'Come here, baby. '

(2) Larry Haines (Bob Hope) to Karen Bentley (Madeleine Carroll) in My Favorite Blonde (1942): ' I don't know anything about babies... the small kind.'

(3) Stella Purdy (Stella Stevens) to Julius Kelp/Buddy Love (Jerry Lewis) in The Nutty Professor (1963): ' If I were your baby I'd be swinging from a tree.'

7. Pet name for a man's penis. Does baby want to play ? See penis for synonyms.

8. A prostitute's customer.
Synonyms: baby; beef burger; client; cull; date; fare; john; meal ticket; meatball; money trick; patron; piper; punter; sucker; TOS; trade; trick.See also: 33; 78; champagne trick; curb crawler; freak trick; frequent flyer.

Baby rate
(Noun) A human being completely dependent on others
Usage: I have a baby in my belly.

baby rate
(Noun) a newborn.
baby rate
(Noun) a newborn
baby rate
(Noun) small person who is newly born
Usage: The baby still relied on his mother for milk.

Baby rate
(Noun) a young child.
a term of endearment
Usage: That baby is such a cutie.

baby rate
(Noun) an infant.
Usage: anita has just given birth to a baby boy.

baby rate
(Noun) a very young person; an endearing term for a boyfriend/girlfriend
baby rate
(Noun) an infant, newborn, offspring
Usage: The baby was just born.

baby rate
(Noun) The youngest in a family, regardless of age.
Usage: At age 25, I looked at my 5 older brothers and sisters and realized I was still the baby of the family.
I knew I was getting old when I attended the retirement party for my baby brother.

baby rate
(Noun) little kid
baby rate
(Noun) another word for offspring
Usage: My baby is three hours old.

baby rate
(Noun) A young child.
Usage: The baby crawled on the floor.

baby rate
(Noun) A child under one year old.
Baby rate
(Noun) A baby is either a little girl or boy. You can find out its gender by what pee-pee it is born with. The baby can be nasty and smelly. Sometimes, the baby makes noises like "Oh-gu-na-wha" Babys are cool.
Usage: Little baby's toe is monsterous.

baby rate
(Noun) a young child/cute/nice/annoying(sometimes)
Usage: My baby is so cute!

baby rate
(Noun) a new-born child that could be a male or a felmale depending on what cell it was from, it is from the pee pees of the parents.
Usage: oh, how cute is this little baby. look at him

baby rate
(Noun) a very young member of a species

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