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DATE rate
(Abbreviation) Design Automation Test Europe
DATE rate
(Abbreviation) Decision Aid for Technology Evaluation.
DATE rate
(Abbreviation) District Awards for Teacher Excellence
date rate
a point in time
date rate
(Verb) a meeting between a boy and a girl
date rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. Or: make a date , from the early 1900s onward, to make an appointment to meet someone at a specific time and place for romantic involvement.

2. A person with whom one has an engagement or rendezvous.

3. A person one sees socially. To go around with means to date someone casually; to go out with means to date that person seriously (or regularly); to go steady with , means to date only that person (to be committed to that person); to go with , means to have sexual intercourse with someone.

4. To go out with the same person regularly.

5. Or: date locker , the anus. Chiefly Australian usage.

6. A prostitute's customer.
Synonyms: baby; beef burger; client; cull; john; meal ticket; meatball; money trick; patron; piper; punter; sucker; TOS; trade; trick.
See also: 33; 78; champagne trick; curb crawler; freak trick; frequent flyer.

7. In prostitution, an act of sex with a customer.

8. Turn a date , in prostitution, to have sex with a customer.


(1) Barney (Frank McHugh) in All Through the Night (1942): ' I've got a date with a doll.'

(2) Dixie Daisy (Barbara Stanwyck) in Lady of Burlesque (1943): ' When I dress for a date with you, it will be a suit of armor and brass knuckles.'

(3) Harris B. Telemaker (Steve Martin) to Sarah MacDowell (Victoria Tennant) in L.A. Story (1991) explaining the difference between a date and doing something with somebody: ' Not a date, a do.'

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