177 were donated in May
This month, we are on track to donate 182

white blood cells - Cells in the body that protect one from infections, diseases, and viruses.

tell me how you really feel - A sarcastic phrase used to call out a blunt or insulting statement.

only then - Said after a condition to do or prerequisite.

beef - Cow meat.

RA - Rain. Used on a Aviation chart

BCFG - Foggy. Used in aviation.

Pebble Brain - An album created by the band Lovejoy.

quad - Another word for "all-terrain vehicle."

Kalashnikov - A magazine-fed rifle.

gonef - Unscrupulous opportunist.

A - The first letter.

CIOB - Chartered Institute of Building.

fakecationing - When you post a fake vacation trip.

build the plane while flying it - To make changes to a project or product while it's already in use by customers.

metastasize - To spread throughout the body.

nigersaurus - A dinosaur.

BHMS - Beacon Hill Middle School.

colcannon - An Irish dish of mashed potato and cabbage, sometimes with added bacon.

ambipedal - Able to use both feet equally.

AAI - Advanced Autonomous Industries.

go - To go somewhere; to travel.

slojd - A handicraft-based Swedish education system.

Fortnite - A video game.

fortnight - A period of 14 days.

OWOT - Our World Of Text.

NSSHS - North Shore Senior High School.

ChatGPT - An AI chatbot.

opsigamy - Marriage late in life or at an old age.

DnD - Dungeons and Dragons.

generative AI - Artificial intelligence that produces original information.

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