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composure - a general disposition to take disruption without panicking.

elevator - An electric moving platform to carry somebody up or down to another floor.

inordinately - To an excess; abundantly.

insane - crazy, deranged, upset, dire.

masque - A formalized, musical skit, popular in 16-Century England but immediately understood when referred to nowadays.

the City - Capital "C" - London's financial district

San Francisco - A city in the state of California

Tennessee - A state in the southeastern US, whose capital is Nashville. Abbreviation: TN

never mind - A direction to not be mindful of something. A direction to never heed or pay attention to something in particular.

fudge - A type of chocolate

triskaidekaphobia - The fear of the number 13

NI - Net Income

docile - calm, obedient

apostrophe - A punctuation mark to mark something belonging to someone.

foolish - stupid; senseless; contrary to sound judgment

Doc Watson - 20th-century acoustic guitarist from Deep Gap, NC, who also happened to be blind. Remembered as one of the greats.

die - to leave life

tamper - Nail-like apparatus used by tobacco pipe smokers to periodically push down the burning tobacco as he or she puffs. This ensures an even smoke.

querulous - Complaining; stubborn.

sorrow - a state of sadness or pain

Grand Rapids - A place in Michigan

hopefully - Not certainly; depending on a favorable outcome

worship - to admire intensely or pay reverence to; to venerate or adore

doable - Capable of being done

Nashville - The state capital of Tennessee.

facultative - Optional; up to oneself.

Irish goodbye - To leave a gathering without saying you're leaving, you just disappear from the group.

morose - hangdog, gloomy

suffer - to feel a sort of pain for a long or short amount of time

second-story man - burglar

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