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ado - fuss, bother, hullabaloo

2D - 2-dimensional

food - the thing you put in your body

poised - Being composed, well-balanced

behindhandedness - the state of being late, in arrears

blunt - Antonym of sharp

joe - referring to coffee

stylus - a rod in plastic with a rubber tip, designed for operating iPads

hate - to loathe someone; to not like them

cantankerous - Cranky, in a bad mood, unhappy.

hullabaloo - a commotion or fuss

oneiric - Related to dreams

finito - finished, ended, completed

deal breaker - An unacceptable provision that prevents a deal from being consummated.

means - available resources

contextomy - quoting out of context

sequel - a continuation, usually of a book or film

pandemonium - an extremely chaotic and wild uproar

talk too much - to talk or chatter nonsense nonstop

igloo - A house made of ice bricks.

desuetude - State of disuse

3D - three-dimensional

contraband - illegal stuff transported

VSCO girl - A girl in her teenage years or early 20s who dresses in a style characterized by seashell necklaces, Birkenstock shoes, minimal makeup, and Hydro Flasks. The term originates from the picture editing app, VSCO.

Tik Tok - An app for sharing short videos of various content, often accompanied by music. Used most by young teenagers. The videos on the app themselves are also called "tik toks."

cute - adorable

conlangs - The informal name of artificial languages or constructed languages

Alexandria - A large city in north Egypt. It's one of the oldest cities in Egypt, founded in 331 BCE by Alexander the Great.

easy - simple or not hard

leopard does not change its spots - A person can't change who they are.

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