180 were donated in October
This month, we are on track to donate 187

enjoy - To take delight or pleasure in an activity or event.

moo - The sound a cow makes.

extol - To praise greatly.

mischief - Trouble.

BFF - Best Friend(s) Forever

YK - You know.

GDP - Gross Domestic Product

. - A period; used to mark the end of a sentence.

summat - Non-standard form of "something."

wolf - A powerful canine in the Canidae family.

charity shop - A shop that sells used or new goods and uses some or all of the proceeds to fund charities.

BSNE - Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering

Earth - The planet we live on; the third planet in the solar system, with one moon.

concierge - A hotel staff person to assist guests.

scholarship - An amount of money given to someone to invest in their studies.

LatRC - Latvian Red Cross

scrap paper - Already used paper that someone recycles.

avoid - To stay away from something, either out of fear or caution.

discover - To unexpectedly find or learn something new.

dog - An animal domesticated and commonly kept as a pet.

hey - A simple greeting when meeting someone.

beam - To smile.

coronavirus - An infectious disease killing people around the world.

despair - To lose hope.

Cherry Hill - A township in New Jersey.

incoherent - Not able to be understood; not coherent.

hi - A greeting like "hello."

Dogecoin - A type of digital currency, named after a popular internet meme. It was created as a "joke currency," but it quickly accumulated a following and has reached the monetary value of $60 Million USD.

BLM - Black Lives Matter

calvacade - A long line of trucks and cars.

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