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DSOV - Digital Share of Voice

dispirited - Disenchanted; lacking in optimism

MCP - male chauvinist pig (definition from the 60s)

competitive - In competition; aggressive

dud - inactive; of no operational value.

insubordination - not doing as you were told

CVMP - Connected Vehicle Modular Platform

out of order - cannot be used

meow - a noise that a cat makes when feeling an emotion or trying to vocalize or communicate

dead - not living

preempt - to replace, especially in televisual vocabulary.

jit - a style of dance music in Zimbabwe

microscoping - looking at something very closely

expropriate - To seize privately held property and transfer ownership to the government, usually in order to benefit the public interest

original fiction - An umbrella term used for fiction writings that are not based upon any existing fandom, such as Harry Potter or Star Wars. Original fiction usually has original characters, setting, storylines and plot.

cleave to - To stay faithful to someone or something, such as a principle or a promise.

nematode - roundworm

tardily - After the due hour; not in advance.

Despacito - A popular song

sciapodous - Having large feet.

yit - a variant for "yet"

apple of one's eye - Someone that one treasures or likes very much.

5678 - A count up to start a dance number.

lion - a big cat that is part of the Felidae family; scientific name: Panthera leo

Cancer - The zodiac sign for anyone born from 21 June to 23 July (approx.)

Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier - Pretty dumb

Not the sharpest tool in the shed - Pretty dumb

outrageous - that which defies convention; unpleasant

hagiographer - a historian that specializes in recounting sainted people's life and times

WASD - the move controls for almost all online games

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