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creaking - Making strange sounds, usually with wooden doors and floors

ovule - (botany) The structure within the ovary that contains the female reproductive cells of a flower.

style - (botany) The upward extension of a flower's ovary.

trypophobia - Fear of holes

sonofagun - Derives from "son of a gun," which refers to a member of the male species who is any of the following: deceitful, mean, heartless, insensitive, cruel, demeaning, male chauvinist, a cad, a bully, arrogant, violent, and at least one thousand more traits.

Brittany - A historical area and region encompassing the peninsula in the northwest of France.

artlang - A type of conlang (constructed language) that is created mainly for artistic purposes.

ovary - (botany) The part of the pistil of a flower that holds the ovules.

DTS - Discipleship Training School.

verbal - Relating to or in the manner of words.

allistic - Non-autistic.

leukophobia - A morbid dread of the color white.

batrachophobia - Fear of frogs; also known as "ranidaphobia".

shrinkflation - A strategy employed by companies where the size or quantity of a product is reduced while maintaining its price. In other words, it refers to the practice of reducing the size or content of a product without a corresponding decrease in its price, resulting in consumers paying the same amount for less.

gobble - The sound a turkey makes.

atriotomy - The surgical opening of an atrium.

stab - To insert a sharp object into a person's body.

aviators - Sunglasses.

exorbitant - Far too much (of something).

on grounds of - Because of.

skate park - A park or facility where skateboarding is practiced.

Reykjavik - The capital city of Iceland.

Akrotiri and Dhekelia - A British Overseas Territory located on Cyprus.

koinoniphobia - An intense fear of rooms.

astraphobia - A fear of thunder and lightning.

uranium - A radioactive metallic element with atomic number 92 and symbol U. Commonly used as fuel for nuclear reactors and power plants.

SOTB - School of Transformational Business.

cogombophobia - Fear of cardboard boxes.

belomophobia - A fear of needles.

defenestration - The action of throwing someone or something out of a window.

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