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Global Catastrophic Risk (GCR) - A risk that is planetary in scale, such as an large asteroid strike, a nuclear deployment, or a global pandemic that threatens to inflict catastrophic global consequences or damages onto the health, habit, life systems, economic systems, or social organizations of human beings. GCRs are distinguished from existential risks.

colloquially - known locally as

it’s a small world - An expression of surprise at a coincidence.

inaccuracy - Error, aberration.

CAR - Central African Republic

obol - In ancient Greece, a low-valued coin.

QWERTY - The standard keyboard for the UK and most of Europe. It uses the Latin alphabet.

To railroad every one - To force every one to follow a particular line of thinking

mam - A word for mother.

flippant - A remark that is often regrettably given without much forethought.

venality - propensity for corruption

bara brith - A traditional Welsh tea bread, translated as "speckled bread," made with raisins and currants.

sheepdogging - To guide someone to a literal or figurative person, place, or thing by herding them as a sheepdog does.

rainmaker - A member of a law or investment banking firm known for his/her importance in bringing in business.

fresher - A university student in their first year; often used by other students

Tripoli - Libya's capital, located in Tripolitania, which is the north-western part of Libya. It's the largest city in Libya.

far afield - At a distance, not local.

leave (someone) sick - To be the the cause of sickness to somebody/many.

cookie cutter - Describing things that are all the same.

maraud - to pillage, destroy, brutalize

bed - Furniture used for sleeping in.

neutral - Describing a person who does not pick sides.

fan fiction - A story that is about Percy Jackson or Taylor Swift (or whatever fandom you are a part of).

Titanic - An ocean liner that sank in 1912 with major loss of life; famous in nautical history.

mad - Very angry.

pulchritudinous - Physically beautiful (despite its ugly pronunciation).

yank (someone's) chain - To give someone a hard time, humorously or not.

fait accompli - (French) an event that has already been completed

concierge - A special hotel employee tasked with providing services to guests.

thing - An unknown type of object.

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