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sorrow - A feeling of great sadness or despair.

suitable - Right or appropriate.

GFHB - Glare Free High Beam

perjury - The crime of telling a lie in court when you have promised to tell the truth.

egghead - An insult for a person who is smart or intellectual.

speaker - An electronic device used to play music.

be like a chicken with its head cut off. - To be in a hysterical manner; to be a frenzy.

apple - A spherical, edible fruit that grows on trees.

blanket - A piece of cloth laid over the lap when seated for comfort and warmth.

on a hair trigger - Tense, on edge, ready to snap.

confetti - Bits of paper or cardboard, especially colored, that have been cut up and, usually, put into a party popper.

anesthetize - To put under for surgery.

pupa - The third stage of a caterpillar's evolution.

minimize - To make a window of a computer go away from the screen, but it can maximize to come back.

asexual - Not experiencing sexual attraction to any gender.

poppycock - Nonsense; something that in no logical way makes sense.

manor - A big house, almost as big as a mansion. Can also be used to name an apartment complex.

appoint - To assign.

end - To finish.

cauldron - A large, black pot usually associated with witches and potions.

TMT - Tolerance Modeling Technology

stick shift - A type of car that must be manually shifted between gears, rather than sensing the change in speed and doing it automatically.

auto - Shortening of "automatic."

Cowabunga! - An expression of joy.

cream cheese - An inexpensive, spreadable kind of cheese.

dilemma - A problem.

Twitch - A streaming service for gaming.

# - Hashtag.

top surgery - A surgery to remove or reduce breast tissue for trans-masculine or non-binary people.

telemarketer - A person/agent who uses the telephone to advertise products and/or services.

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