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sillily - In a foolish way; in a stupid style.

Christian - a believer in the sacrificial death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ who seeks to follow his teachings as found in the Bible

berth - Literal and figurative usage for one's place in life/to sleep/aboard ship, etc.

chandelier - An elaborate light fixture hanging from the ceiling; often multi-tiered.

china closet - A glass-fronted cabinet where dishware and drinking glasses are stored.

preoccupation - Concern; a negative sentiment that prevents serene tranquility.

ineluctable - Unable to be avoided or ignored; inescapable.

googol - 1 with 100 zeros.

tl;dr - too long, didn't read; often used for long passages that could be shortened but would have less details. Should be put on top.

BRTTC - Baton Rouge Table Tennis Club

kurtosis - A measure of tail heaviness of a probability distribution.

IBOEHS - International Board of Environmental Health and Safety

oshac - Occupational Safety and Health American Council

ride the pony - A common dance move used by the most epic gamers. This dance includes dancing like you are riding a horse.

ABC - The American Broadcasting Company, an American based television network founded in 1943 as a radio program, and continues to this day, albeit now a division of The Walt Disney Company.

sesquipedalian - Having or using long words.

child - an adult's son or daughter

malady - a sort of disease or malfunction of the body

paean - A song or hymn of joy or praise.

timorous - Lacking in courage; timid.

serenity - peace, calm

sternutation - A scientific word for sneezing

preoccupy - to worry or disturb one's peace of mind.

advertisement - promotional content

anime - A Japanese drawn cartoon, series, or movie. Some have subtitles in English, and some have dubs where it is voiced over by a human in another language.

timorous - Indicating a lack of courage; timid.

ailurophile - Someone who loves cats.

prophesy - to preach or foretell the future

Hocus Pocus - The phrase used for the conjuration of a trick.

infinitesimal - very small, minuscule

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