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as fuck - all the way, totally

bomb bay - The part of an aircraft where bombs are stored and dropped

bookworm - Someone who is always reading.

bond - an interest-paying financial obligation

Illyngophobia - The phobia of vertigo

start - beginning

Fmoc - fluorenylmethyloxycarbonyl

LFD - Learning From Demonstration

disruptive - loud and noisy

debris - trash, rubble, scattered waste

RCM - Revenue Cycle Management

ETF2L - European Team Fortress 2 League

DBMS - database management system

RLSCC - Royal Leamington Spa Canoe Club

recliner - A manually or electrically operated chair that moves into a reclining position.

chionophobia - fear of snow

proprietary - privileged information

potato - a food you eat

celeste - heavenly

brumal - wintery

BGFF - Best Girl Friend Forever

BBFF - Best Boy Friend Forever

compliment - A nice thing you say to someone about their appearance or gifts to be kind.

bagatelle - trifle

the fat is in the fire - Troubles will begin soon.

nickel - name of a coin worth five cents

TACC - Traffic Aware Cruise Control Tesla AP 1, AP 2 (autopilot)

TITAN - Thunderstorm Identification, Tracking, Analysis, and Nowcasting

TVES - Traffic Violation Evidence System

CEmONC - Comprehensive Emergency and Obstetric Newborn Care

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