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out of the blue - Suddenly.

permanently - For good.

blegh - A word used to express displeasure or disgust with something. It is said about something that evokes a negative emotion. Something that the one speaking the word disdains.

nursery rhyme - A rhyming story for young children.

tuchus - A buttocks.

drifting - Driving a car sideways.

lullaby - A song to help you go to sleep fast.

take a jab at - To criticize.

Belarusian - A person from Belarus.

crush - An excruciating feeling of liking someone. To put it simply, it means you wanna kiss that person you've been eyeing all day.

have a photographic memory - To be able to remember exactly every detail of something one has seen.

militarism - The interest of maintaining a strong military and employing said military to deal with national concerns.

want the earth to swallow (one) up - To want to escape an embarrassing situation.

salutations - A dated form of greeting or a group of greetings.

hmm - Said when you are thinking of something.

cystodiathermy - Procedure for bladder cancer treatment.

free word association - The process of using word combinations to arrive at convenient new ideas.

memories are fading of (something) - People have forgotten something.

almost die of shame - To feel extremely embarrassed.

be like a war zone - To be very messy and chaotic

chips are down - In a difficult or urgent situation.

agriculture - Taking care of and growing plants and animals that can give you resources.

Pikachu - A Pokemon owned by Ash. It has a lightning-bolt shaped tail.

OOJS - Object-Oriented JavaScript

rest - To sit or lay freely. To take a nap.

Ba - Concept of the soul in Ancient Egypt, depicted as a bird with a human head.

jump - To leap high.

baby - A young child.

scissorbill - A very stupid person.

spit and baling wire - Makeshift material ready at hand but not specific for a particular task.

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