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hippomonstrosesquippedaliophobia - the fear of seeing, reading, or pronouncing big words.

whatsis - A thing or object whose name one does not want to know or cannot recall

synecdoche - a stylistic device through which a portion of a thing symbolises the thing itself.

EFMLS - Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies

anatidaephobia - Fear of being watched by ducks or geese.

staircase - A set of stairs

beautiful - Very pretty

violet - A purplish blue color.

boredom - The feeling you get when you want to do something but have nothing to do.

UEK - Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel

pontil mark - The mark left on a blown glass object when it is broken from the blowpipe.

swole - (in bodybuilding) having large muscles from weightlifting. Derived from the word "swollen."

FR - Feature Request

precede - Antonym of "to come after." Also, to walk in a more advanced position.

PDND - Please Do Not Disturb

MLP - Main Listening Position. Used for speaker placement in Home Theater construction or setup

cordillera - A system of mountains.

beaker - a drinking glass

compensation - When a person receives something (generally money) due to being previously wronged by someone else

route - the path you take to get somewhere

tomahawk - A primitive hatchet associated with American Indians.

UTC - Universidad Tecnica de Cajamarca

trollop - A prostitute; a woman of feeble virtue

Avtoros - Russian automaker

osteoarchaeology - A branch of archaeology concerned with the skeletal remains excavated in archaeological sites

competitive dance - A sport requiring skill and practice where dancers compete against others

pasquinade - a lampoon

luncheon - A old-fashioned way to say lunch; the second meal of the day.

cabinet vase - A small vase, usually under five inches in height, that is made to be decorative and displayed in a closed display case.

flutz - (in figure skating) a flutz jump happens when a skater changes from an outside edge to an inside edge at the very last second of attempting a Lutz jump.

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