170 were donated in October
This month, we are on track to donate 219

MILCM - Member of the Institute of Local Council Management

MUTA - Male Urogenital Teaching Associate

google - to use key words to search the Internet for best matches to the searched topic

Lovelies - A term of endearment used by George Michael when referring to his fans.

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation - European rules on data protection

cream cheese - A delicious dairy product, usually spread on a bagel

on the fence - Undecided. (No sexual connotation.)

picking up fag ends - Someone picking up the end or "last bits" of a conversation and thinking they know what the conversation is about.

IRA - Individual Retirement Arrangement

T or d - Truth or dare

SOCO - South Congress (a street in Austin, Texas)

BAR - Bright Alert Responsive

rabbi - A Jewish religious leader/teacher/scholar.

SOTA - Software Over The Air

condolence - sympathy

in sync - lining up at the same time

semper fi - "Always Faithful"--an abbreviation of Latin "semper fidelis." Part of the Marine Corps Motto, used in greetings between Marines.

Fremont - A city in Ohio.

catechism - The study of Catholic doctrine

travel - In figure skating, a spin should be centered in one spot. If the skater moves from the center, it is call traveling.

slag glass - A type of art glass where two or more colors are swirled together.

QHHA - Qualitative Health Hazard Assessment

Puritan - a member of a group of Protestants that left the Anglican Church because they believed it was just as corrupt as the Church of Rome

Christianity - the religion based on the life, death, burial, resurrection, and teachings of Christ Jesus

APPRA - Asia-Pacific Policy Research Association

gear - clothing, apparel

SCSTT - South China Sea Think Tank

Nike - A shoe and running clothes company

BORA - Bill of Rights Act (New Zealand)

Christmas Island - A place in the Indian Ocean.

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