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jaiphul - a spice

gallimaufry - Confused jumble, hodgepodge.

dory - Small fishing boat

brumal - Like winter.

blah blah blah - Silly chatter or nonsense

SICM - Security Incident Causation Model

borborygmi - noise created by gas or liquid in the intestine

old - Ancient

lot - Parking area

accelerated - sped up

book - Pages containing words or pictures bound together with a cover.

crack on - To get on with a task

mountebank - Old-fashioned word for "cad" (itself old-fashioned) and/or dishonest/disreputable.

Stop ironing my head - Stop annoying me.

Louis - A disused French coin, circulated before the revolution. Also known as "louis d'or"

gruntled - pleased, satisfied, and contented

Lambo - short for "Lamborghini"

mountain goat - Goat known for its ability to perch on high mountain ledges.

antihero - The "hero" of a tale - who possesses some unheroic qualities.

London - The capital and largest city in England, mostly considered the largest and busiest city in Europe.

loathe - To dislike greatly; hate.

elbow - to push or shove with the elbow; jostle; bump

one-trick pony - A person who, like some circus animals, can do one thing well--but absolutely nothing else.

bestie - your best friend

thingamabobber - Used when you can't think of the name of an item or brand.

flexitarian - A person who consumes minimal meat but is not vegetarian

peripatetic - walking across several locations

dose - a measure

librarian - A person who works in a library and assists with access to materials and services.

six of one and half a dozen of the other - Faced with a choice between two alternatives, it doesn't matter which one chooses, because they are substantially the same thing. (For example, "six" is the same quantity of something as is "half a dozen" of that something. (The expression itself has nothing to do with fault.)

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