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rendezvous - An encounter previously arranged.

doldrums - The ITCZ, or Intertropical Convergence Zone. Known to sailors as the "doldrums" or the "calms," it is home to no wind and lacks variety in weather. It is responsible for the wet and dry seasons in tropical climates.

doldrums - A state of inactivity or depression.

paracord - A cord made of threads woven together with an outside shell of nylon, also woven.

it's just not on - Said of something you can't permit.

bears repeating - Is worthy of repeating.

PE - Physical Education.

US - United States.

crash - A group of rhinos.

xenophobic - Having a fear of foreign individuals.

Dr. mr. - Doctor of Medical Research.

RIP - Rest in Peace.

brumous - Clouded with fog or mist.

diss - To dismiss or ignore.

octopi - Alternative plural noun of octopus.

CAEP - Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection. It is a committee of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it - The best way to change a problem is to change your attitude.

a man is known by his friends - People tend to get together with others that have similar personalities.

wise guy - A term your parents use if you make a sarcastic remark, and they don't know a comeback or how to counter it.

contemptible - Vile; beastly; ghastly; hideous.

pride - A group of lions.

USSR - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

SUV - Sport Utility Vehicle.

PGA - Professional Golfers' Association.

AC - Air conditioning.

pejorative - Describes a word that has a negative connotation.

concoct - To invent a thing using various elements, such as an idea or a cocktail.

Qocial - Neighborhood-based social network.

conlanger - A creator of a conlang.

USA - United States of America.

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