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CUTE rate
(Abbreviation) Clean Urban Transport Europe
Cute rate
(Noun) The original meaning of cute is ugly but acceptable
Usage: Of cause, he is not handsome, but he is cute

cute rate
(Adult / Slang)
Pretty, attractive, especially in a delightful, wholesome, dainty or delicate way.
Synonyms: adorable; alluring; attractive; beautiful; charming; comely; dainty; delightful; fetching; good-looking; nice-looking; perky; pleasant; pretty.


(1) Moose Malloy (Mike Mazurki) in Murder, My Sweet (1945): ' She was cute as lace pants.'

(2) Philip Marlowe (Dick Powell) to Ann Grayle (Anne Shirley) in Murder, My Sweet (1945): ' You know, that's a cute nose, even if it is crooked.'

(3) Lucy McFadden (Quinn Cummings) about Elliot Garfied (Richard Dreyfuss) in The Goodbye Girl (1977): ' I think he's kind of cute. He reminds me of a dog that nobody wants.'

(4) Lucy (Shelley Long) in Hello Again (1987): ' I think I passed cute two years ago... maybe three.'

(5) Charles (Hugh Grant) and Carrie (Andie MacDowell) in Four Weddings and a Funeral (1993):
-- Charles: ' Do you want to come up for a nightcap? '
-- Carrie: ' Are you sure? '
-- Charles: ' Oh, yes. I think we can risk it. I'm pretty sure I can resist you. You're not that cute.'

(6) Ian (Joe Mantegna) and Chazz (Brendan Fraser) watching Pip (Adam Sandler) with Suzzy (Nina Siemaszko) in Airheads (1994):
-- Ian: ' How does he do that? '-- Chazz: ' Pip? The man gets his hands on more bumpers than a body shop.'-- Ian: ' With that I-seem-so-stupid-I-must-be-cute routine? '-- Chazz: ' That's the quiet cool. Chics, man, they just lock on it.'

cute rate
(Noun) ugly but acceptable
cute rate
cute rate
(Adjective) pleasingly pretty, attractive
Usage: That is a cute girl

Cute rate
(Adjective) The antonym of ugly
CUTE rate
(Abbreviation) Clean Urban Transport for Europe
cute rate
(Adjective) pleasing to look at.
CUTE rate
(Abbreviation) Common Users Terminal Equipment
CUTE rate
(Abbreviation) Clean Urban Transportation Europe
CUTE rate
(Abbreviation) Common Use Terminal Equipment
CUTE rate
(Abbreviation) Common User Terminal Equipment
CUTE rate
(Abbreviation) Clean Urban Transportation for Europe

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