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money rate
(Noun) A green papyrus-like paper with different presidents on each bill. (1$, 5$, etc.) Americans often use it to buy products.
Usage: Did I give you my money for those groceries?

money rate
(Noun) what makes more people unhappy than happy in this world
Usage: Money is the worst evil man has to deal with

money rate
(Noun) currency used to purchase goods and services.
money rate
(Noun) a weird green piece of paper that can be used to buy goods. on the back, there are faces without bodies! then there are buildings on the back. some are even circles and are cold. they are shiny and thick.
Usage: i got a lot of money today from my dad

money rate
(Noun) currency to be spent
money rate
(Noun) a type of currency
money rate
(Noun) currency used to buy and sell stuff.
money rate
(Verb) a form a currency used in most countries to purchase anything. Also a sign of wealth and power...damn the man.
Money rate
a form of payment
Usage: I will give u my money for that food.

money rate
(Adult / Slang)
Obsolete in the sense defined by Captain Francis Grose in Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1811) as: ' A girl's private parts, commonly applied to little children: as, Take care, Miss, or you will shew your money.' See vagina for synonyms.
money rate
(Noun) the most generally accepted medium of exchange
Usage: When a person wants to acquire a product through a market, he or she must pay the amount of money, that is equal to the product`s value.

money rate
(Noun) something used to buy and sell goods and services.
money rate
(Noun) Something (such as coins or notes) that can be exchanged for goods or services, and is essential in modern life.
money rate
(Noun) paper/coins
Usage: I love money.

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