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lust rate
(Verb) An intense desire for something, in many cases sexually.
Usage: The man's lust for the women controlled his thoughts, although he did not wish for it to be that way.

Lust rate
(Adjective) A desire of love that may or not be controlled
Usage: The lust of her body reached certain parts of me that couldn't be tame to grasp her and show her love

lust rate
(Noun) desire
LUST rate
(Abbreviation) Level Urban Skills Trainer
lust rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. A strong sexual urge, desire, or appetite, especially a self-indulgent desire to possess or enjoy; to crave. Saint Augustine (AD 353-430) associated sexual lust with the original sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; lust had transformed the innocent procreative instinct, instilled in humanity by God, into sin. Following their fall from grace, Adam and Eve cloaked their nakedness with fig leaves. In the Renaissance, lustless meant impotent and a sudden urge of sexual excitement was called an insurrection of lust. In his humorous dictionary The Penthouse Sexicon (1968), Frederic Mullally defined LOVE: ' What makes the world go round.' versus LUST: ' What makes the heels go round.'

SYNONYMS, QUASI-SYNONYMS AND RELATED TERMS: aphrodisia; appetence; appetite; appetition; ardor veneris; carnal desire; carnality; coitolimia; concupiscence; craving; eroticism; estrus; heat; horniness; hunger; lechery; lewdness; libidinal craving; libido; licentiousness; lickerishness; longing; lust; lustfulness; passion; prurience; pruriency; restlessness; rut; salaciousness; salacity; sensualism; sensuality; sensuous desire; wantonness; zazzle.
ANTONYMS: anaphrodisia (anaphrodesia); sexual anesthesia; sexual defluvium; sexual inappetence.


(1) Tillie Seltzer (Carol Burnett) and husband Pete (Walter Matthau) in Pete 'n' Tillie (1972):
-- Tillie: ' When I think of all the times I was so irritated with you yet, right now, I don't think I ever loved you more.'
-- Pete: ' Well, love without irritation is just lust.'

(2) The cynical Squire Jons (Gunnar Bjornstrand) to blacksmith Plog (Ake Fridell) who is looking for his unfaithfull wife in The Seventh Seal (1957): ' Haven't you learned by now that love is just another word for lust? '

(3) Mike O'Brien (Paul Guilfoyle) to Isaac Barr (Richard Gere) in Final Analysis (1992): 'Lust never sleeps.' A pun on: Rust never sleeps.

2. Obsolescent in the sense of sinful sexual feelings between unmarried persons of the opposite sex (sexual desire between married people is natural; lust is sinful) or between persons of the same gender.


(1) Bible: Matthew (V. 28): ' Whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her, hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.'

(2) James (V. 5): ' The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy.'

(3) Geoffrey Chaucer: ' In the water vessel he it cast When that him luste.'

3. An intense or overwhelming desire or craving. The lust for power.

LUST rate
(Abbreviation) Let's Understand Sex Together
Lust rate
Physical love!
wanting somebody based on the way they look, and the want for intimacy.
LUST rate
(Abbreviation) Leaking Underground Storage Tank
LUST rate
(Abbreviation) Leicester University Student Television
Lust rate
(Noun) 1. A low kind of love
2. An attraction to the body of another
Usage: I am in lust with you, sexy beast!

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