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impotent rate
male sexual dysfunction
Usage: John should not marry being impotent

impotent rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. Unable to have and maintain an erection; lacking in ability to perform the sexual act; unable to procreate.
SYNONYMS: infertile; sterile; sterilized; unproductive.

2. Lacking in strength or power.
SYNONYMS AND QUASI-SYNONYMS: all in; arthritic; boneless; caponized; castrated; catatonic; comatose; crippled; dead-beat; defeated; demoralized; deviating; disabled; done up; drifting; drugged; effete; exhausted; fatigued; feckless; feeble; gelded; gnashing one's teeth; grounded; handicapped; helpless; hindered; impaired; incapable of action; incapacitated; incontinent; ineffective; ineffectual; inoperative; nerveless; neuter; neutered; nonactive; not able; null and void; of no effect; on the pill; out of action; out of the running; paralyzed; pooped out; powerless; puny; rigid; rudderless; senile; shell-shocked; spayed; spineless; stamping one's feet; sterile; sterilized. sexless. barren; stiff; strengthless; supine; swamped; thwarted; unable; unhinged; unimportant; unmanned; unnerved; unproductive; unsexed; unskillful; used up; useless; weak; without self-control; worn-out.

impotent rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Adjective) Unable to perform sex.
Usage: The king had many impotent men working in his harem.

impotent rate
(Noun) condition of non-erection
Usage: the man was impotent having suffered with prostate cancer.

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