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condom rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Noun) A Balloon Shaped white Flexible that goes on a Guy's Private to block Sperm from going into a Girl in Safe Sex.
Usage: Edward used a Condom on Cassie because she could not afford another baby.

condom rate
(Adult / Slang)
A thin sheath of latex, polyurethane, or animal intestine worn over the penis during intercourse to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. With the advent of the female condom a distinction is sometimes made today between male and female condom. Condoms are not 100% effective; some STDs are contracted by skin to skin contact outside the protective area of a condom. See condom [SYN] for synonyms.

- a) Check the expiry date on the condom.
- b) Do not store condoms in warm places (not in your back pocket); it weakens the latex.
- c) Avoid oil-based lubricants; they weaken latex condoms.
- d) Use plenty of water-based lubricant (to prevent condoms breaking, and to avoid tiny cuts in the skin).
Etymology: Possibly named after: a) Dr. Condom or Conton, a physician at the court of Charles II (ca 1660-1685). b) Colonel Condum in the Royal Guard to Condom, a town in Germany.

COPULATION WITH A CONDOM: armored division; cheat the census; cloak the captain; coitus condomatus; fight in armor; safe sex; showering in a raincoat.
COPULATION WITHOUT A CONDOM: a capella; a straight shot; apache; baby-gallop; bald journey; bareback sex; barebacking; barefoot; BB; gymnophallation; have sex meat-to-meat; meat-to-meat; raw sex; riding bareback; rough-riding (roughriding); skin-diver; unprotected sex; wombwashing.SHEATED PENIS: condomized.UNSHEATED PENIS: barefoot; unsheated penis; baby-grinder; bareback-rider; condomless.


(1) John Irving. The World According to Garp (1978): ' No glove, no love.'

(2) Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) and Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) in Pretty Woman (1990)-- Vivian: ' Pick one! I've got red, I've got green, I've got yellow, I'm out of purple but I do have one Gold Circle Coin left, the condom of champions, the one and only, nothing is getting through this sucker. What do you say? '-- Edward: ' A buffet of safety.'

(3) Uncle Benny (Ned Beatty) to his nephew Ed Chilton (Steve Buscemi) in Ed and His Dead Mother (1994): ' Do you have protection? Shield that gator, no regrets later.'

condom rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Noun) A prophylactic that goes over a man's penis, similar to a latex glove that would go over your hand.
Usage: Even though he wore a condom, his girlfriend still got pregnant.

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