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cunt rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Abbreviation) Can't Understand Normal Thinking.
Usage: You are just a stupid cunt.

cunt rate
(Adult / Slang)
Vulgar and offensive term for:

1. The female genitalia. Usage: Cunt has been taboo for at least 600 years; today, most women consider it to be the single most offensive word in the English language.
Etymology: Possibly from the Anglo-Saxon cynd, the Middle English form of the word was cunte / count(e) , corresponding to the Old Icelandic kunta and the Dutch and Low German kunte, meaning female pudenda. Other possible origins: 1) The Latin cunneus , meaning wedge, or cunnus , meaning pudend or vulva, a word regarded as obscene and eventually outlawed in Rome. Horace used it, Cicero did not. 2) From the Old English coint / coynte / qwaynt / cwithe , the womb. The Oxford English Dictionary cites its first use in 1230 when the word appeared in the name of a London lane, Gropecuntelane , listed among the stews (brothel area) of Southwark. It is also found in the familty name of some women from 1200 to 1500: Gunoka Cuntles, Bele Wydecuntlse (1318), Godwin Clawecuncte (1366), Simon Sitbithecunte, John Fillecunt, Robert Clevecunt (1302). Chaucer used a version of the word in 1383 in The Miller's Tale. (See quote below.) See also: country.


(1) Geoffrey Chaucer. The Miller's Tale (1386): ' Full prively he caught her by the queinte.' and ' Prycelyhe caught her by the queynte.' ( Queynte , from quaint , a many-layered, in-folded mystery.)

(2) Captain Francis Grose defines C**T in his Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1811): ' a nasty name for a nasty thing.'

(3) Saying: ' The good news is that she has one / The bad news is that she may be one.'

(4) William Shakespeare's famous pun on cunt and urination in Twelfth Night . Malvolio, attempting to decipher the handwriting of a letter: ' By my life, this is my ladys hand! These be her very Cs, her U's, 'n her Ts; and thus makes she her great Ps.'

(5) Germaine Greer. The Female Eunuch (1970): ' Lady, love your cunt! ' If men love their cocks , women should love their cunts. She launched this slogan arquing that equality of the sexes could be achieved only if women could free themselves from sexual repression.

2. Offensive term of address or reference for a woman, especially one regarded as sexually promiscuous. See playgirl for synonyms.

3. A woman regarded solely as a sex object.

Quote: ' Big girl, big cunt. Small girl, all cunt.' From Encyclopedia of Graffiti . Reisner & Wechsler.

4. Rude insult aimed at a woman held in contempt.

Quote: Lawrence Paros. The Erotic Tongue (1984): ' It's not unusual to insult people by identifying them with their body parts. Calling someone a pr**k is a commonplace insult, but we reserve use of the expression for males of a particular character, and not for men in general. C**t , on the other hand, is not only a term filled with contempt and disdain, but it is applied indiscriminately, regardless of the person's character, insulting not only the person toward whom the remark is aimed, but all women everywhere.'

5. Sexual intercourse with a woman. See copulation for synonyms.

6. Term of affection between lesbian lovers.

7. Gays' term for a fellator's mouth.

8. Gays' term for the anus.

cunt rate
(Adult / Slang)
pussy on a female
CUNT rate
(Abbreviation) Computer User Non-TechnicalCWYL
cunt rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Noun) The region on a biological female which includes not only the vagina but also the clitoris. This term is a more holistic term for describing a woman's genitals to not only imply its reproductive use but also its pleasure attaining abilities.
This definition is an attempt for women to reclaim the word from its current defamatory and offensive meaning.
Usage: I have a cunt and I am proud of it!

cunt rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Expression) a mean word
Usage: you fucking cunt

CUNT rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Abbreviation) Can't Understand Normal Thinking
Usage: She is such a CUNT.

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