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Sexy rate
(Adjective) looking pretty
sexy rate
(Adjective) sexually appealing.
Sexy rate
(Noun) Describing if someone is attractive
Usage: That Girl is so sexy

sexy rate
(Adjective) to be sexually attractive
Usage: i am sexy.

sexy rate
(Adjective) having sex appeal.
sexy rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. Or: sex- / sexual , pertaining to or concerned with sex. Synonym: erotic.

2. Sexually appealing, arousing sexual desire.
Synonyms: arousing; erotic; flirtatious; foxy; ginchy; hot; humpy; inviting; kissable; luscious; provocative; provoking; randy; risqué; seductive; sensual; sensuous; sesky; slinky; slutty; spicy; steamy; suggestive; sultry; titillating; twisty; voluptuous; voomy.


(1) Gittel (Shirley MacLaine) and Gerry (Robert Mitchum) in Two for the Seesaw (1962):
-- Gittel: ' Do you think I'm too fat? '
-- Gerry: ' Good heavens, no.'
-- Gittel: ' Do you think I'm too skinny? '
-- Gerry: ' I think you're a sacred vessel of womanhood.'
-- Gittel: ' Sexy as all get up, hmm? '
-- Gerry: ' Well put.
-- Gittel: ' Do you think I'm too sexy? I mean oversexed? '
-- Gerry: ' Well, I think your kind of a mixed up vessel. Calmly considered I'd say your bottom was tops.'
-- Gittel: ' Oh, some vessel! I sound like a shipwreck.'

(2) Paul Bratter (Robert Redford) and his wife Corey (Jane Fonda) in Barefoot in the Park (1967):
-- Paul: ' You want me to be rich and famous, don't you? '
-- Corey: ' During the day. At night I want you to be here and sexy.'

(3) Judy Maxwell (Barbra Streisand) and Hugh Simon (Kenneth Mars) in What's Up, Doc? (1972):
-- Judy: ' Did anyone ever tell you that you were very, very sexy? '
-- Hugh: ' Well, actually, no.'
-- Judy: ' And they never will.'

sexy rate
(Adjective) to be attractive.
sexy rate
(Adjective) attractive
Usage: that woman is so sexy!

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