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bottom rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. The buttocks, the ass or the anus, based on their location at the bottom of the body torso. The OED coyly defines bottom as: ' the sitting part of a man '. See ass and anus for synonyms.

Quote: In The Penthouse Sexicon (1968) Frederic Mullally defined:
-- BOSOM: ' Attractive anatomical protuberance peculiar to the female anatomy.'
-- BOTTOM: ' Anatomical protuberance attractive to the peculiar male.'

2. Or: front bottom , the female genitals. See vagina for synonyms.

3. One of many terms used in polarity relationships and activities to indicate the receptive, passive or submissive partner as opposed to the top, active or dominant partner.
Synonyms: masochist; right hip pocket (see hanky code); slave; sub (or: malesub, femalesub); submissive.
See also: dom; dominant, sadist, top.

Quote: Bruce Rodgers. The Queens' Vernacular (1972): ' At bottoms, he's top.'

4. The passive or receptive partner in gay sexual activities such as anal intercourse (for gay men) or vaginal intercourse with a dildo (for lesbians). See sodomite for synonyms.

Quote: Two gay males, Terry and Warren (Anthony Barrile), in Kiss me Guido (1998):
-- Terry: 'Me, I'm versatile. I like to be a top or a bottom.'
-- Warren: 'Oh, please, Terry. You have bottom stamped on your forehead.'

5. The person occupying the bottom position in sexual activities.

6. A synonym for passivity.

bottom rate
(Verb) base, lowest part
Usage: it was at the bottom of the barrel

Bottom rate
(Adjective) Contrary of top
bottom rate
(Noun) The antonym of top

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