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queen rate
(Noun) wife of a king
Usage: The queen sat on her throne next to the king.

queen rate
(Noun) The wife of the king.
queen rate
(Noun) the wife of the king
queen rate
(Noun) The female head of a monarchy; comparable to "king".
queen rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. A male homosexual. This appellation is commonly used among gay males for one another, but more often refers to older, ostentatiously effeminate gay men.


(1) RobertReisner. Graffiti. Two Thousand Years of Wall Writing : ' God save the Queens! '

(2) Chichi Rodriquez (John Leguizamo) to Vita Boheme (Patrick Swayze) in To Wong Foo. Thanks for Everything. Julie Newmar (1995): ' Vita, you know, you're not a queen because you rule people or you sit on the throne, baby, you're a queen because you couldn't cut it as a man so you had to put on a dress.'

(3) In Corrina, Corrina (1994) Mrs. Washington (Whoopie Goldberg) is listening to television:
-- A TV ad: ' Would YOU like to be queen for a day? '
-- Corrina: ' I knew a guy in my neighborhood who wanted to be queen for a day, and you know what happened to him, don't you? '

2. An effeninate male. May also be derogatory referring to superficial, nelly, sharp-tongued and self-important gay male, one unpleasant to be around.

3. A transvestite or a female impersonator and/or performer.

4. A woman, especially one of outstanding beauty (beauty queen) or talent (movie queen).

5. The wife of a king; a female monarch. Queen consort = the wife of a reigning king.

6. My Queen , a term of endearment for a wife.

queen rate
(Noun) the wife of a king
Usage: The queen and the king lived happily ever after.

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