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penis size


penis size rate
(Adult / Slang)
A man's penis starts to grow at puberty and reaches adult size by age seventeen. The average erect penis is 15cm, the normal range is considered to be between 13 and 18cm, comparatively the vagina is only 8 to 13 centimeters long, and only the outer 1/3 of it is supplied with nerves and is therefore sensitive to touch; consequently even a very small penis can stimulate every square centimeter within the vagina and can certainly perform adequately. Most men when questioned say they would prefer an erect penis eight to ten inches long. Many myths surround the size a mans penis:
- a) Big feet, big meat.
- b) Big nose, big hose.
- c) Full lips (on him), fill lips (in her).
- d) All meat (large penis), no potatoes (small testes). The erect penis of certain animals:
-- Humpback whale = l0 ft.
-- Elephant = 6 ft.
-- Bull = 3 ft.
-- Stallion = 2 ft.
-- Walrus = 2 ft.
-- Rhinoceros = 2 ft.
-- Pig = 18 in.
-- Elephant seal = 13 in.
-- Tiger = 11 in.
-- Man = 6 in.
-- Sea lion = 5 in.
-- Chimpanzee = 3 in.
-- Gorilla = 2 in.
-- Orangutan = 1 in.
-- Cat = 1 in.

Joke: "He wasn't big enough for an appetizer."


(1) Lawrence Paros, The Erotic Tongue (1984) about the word yard: "By 1850 it had become obsolete. Yet the yard lives on in every man's fantasy, though the details of the fantasy clash. We have the old adage, " Short and thick does the trick" (18th C), as well as Robert Burns's "Nine inch will please a lady "while contemporary folk hyperbole immortalizes the man with a nine-inch pr**k and a twelve-inch tongue who can breathe through his ears. In our world, however, it's the three-inch fool (The Taming of the Shrew) who clearly is the rule."

(2) Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) and William Thacker (Hugh Grant) in Notting Hill (1999):
-- Anna: "You have big feet. (...) You know what they say about men with big feet."
-- William: "No. What's that?"
-- Anna: "Big feet... large shoes."

(3) Dr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in Batman & Robin (1998): "No matter what they tell you, Mr. Bain, it is the size of your gun that counts." Freeze's gun freeze's people.

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