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make up


make up rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. Or: kiss and make up / kiss and be friends , to resolve a quarrel; to become reconciled; to become friends/lovers again; to renew friendship/relationship after a feud.

SYNONYMS: agree to differ/disagree; be ready to forgive; be reconciled; be friendly; bury the hatchet; come to an understanding; extend the hand of forgiveness; fix things up; forgive and be friends again; kiss and be friends; let bygones be bygones; make it up; mediate; mitigate; patch things up; reconciliate; restore harmony; shake hands; start over; wipe the slate clean.


(1) Cherry (Margaret Sullavan) and Anthony (Henry Fonda) in The Moon's Our Home (1936):
-- Cherry Chester: ' Wait a minute. Have I told you about my temper? '
-- Anthony Amberton: ' I've had complaints about mine.'
-- Cherry Chester: ' We'll fight every day.'
-- Anthony Amberton: ' We'll make up every night.'
-- Cherry Chester: ' I'll leave you over and over again.'
-- Anthony Amberton: ' I'll always find you.'

(2) Bake/Baker (Fred Astaire) and Sherry (Ginger Rogers) in Follow the Fleet (1936):
-- Baker: ' It's swell being with you again. Friends? '
-- Sherry: ' Friends.'
-- Baker: ' Let's kiss and make up.'
-- Sherry: ' No, let's just make up. That will give you something to work for.'

(3) From The Opposite Sex (1993): ' Make up or break up.'

2. Or: makeup , cosmetics; to apply cosmetics.


(1) Stand-up comic Buddy Young, Jr. (Billy Crystal) to a heavily made up lady in an audience of senior citizens in Mr. Saturday Night (1992): ' It's lovely makeup. Who put it on? The Ringling Brothers? Looks like an opera broke out on your face. You got too close when the Avon lady exploded? '

(2) Rebecca/Tank Girl (Lori Petty) holding the Madam hostage in Tank Girl (1994): ' Now, everybody drop your guns or I scrape off all her makeup... This might take me a really long time.'

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