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make bedroom eyes at


make bedroom eyes at rate
(Adult / Slang)
Or: make eyes at , to give someone a flirtatious, provocative or seductive look.


-- FLIRTATIOUS GAZE: the bedroom eye; bedroom eyes; come-hither eyes; come-hither look; come-on; the come-on eye; come-up-and-see-me-sometime look; get the eye; glad eye; goo-goo eye(s); googly eyes; leer; mash eye; the ogle; the O.O; pash eye; sheep's eyes.

-- TO GAZE FLIRTATIOUSLY: bat one's eyes at; bat one's eyelashes at; cast sheep's eyes; give a/the come-hither look; give a/the double-O; give 'em thisa and thata; give someone the eye; give the bedroom eyes; give the double-O; give the eye; give the glad eye; give the come-on eye; give the mash eye; give the pash eye; give the ogle; give the reckless eyeball; languishing look; leer; look babies in the eye; make goo-goo eyes; make googly eyes at; make sheep's eyes at; oeillade; ogle; roll one's eyes at; shooting eyes at; side-glance; turn on the lamps.

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