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eyes rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. The plural form of eye.


(1) Jerry Stewart (Clark Gable) to Connie Randall (Carole Lombard) in No Man of Her Own (1932):
-- Babe: ' Do your eyes bother you? '
-- Connie: ' No. Why? '
-- Babe: ' They bother me.'

(2) Caesar (Warren William) to Cleopatra (Claudette Colbert) in Cleopatra (1934): ' I picked a flower in Britain once - the color of your eyes.'

(3) Gloria Paterson (Helen Broderick) to Nicole De Cortillon (Danielle Darrieux) on how to catch a rich husband in The Rage of Paris (1938): ' The way to a man's heart is through his eyes, honey. That's the modern version. He believes what he sees, and takes bicarbonate of soda for his indigestion instead of a wife that can cook.'

(4) Olga (Dennie Moore), the manicurist, about Chrystal Allen (Joan Crawford) in The Women (1939): ' She's got those eyes that run up and down men like a searchlight.'

(5) Glenda Crawford (Betty Grable) about Ricardo Quintana (Don Ameche) in Down Argentine Way (1940): ' Your eyes, your remarkable eyes.' If he ever looks into my eyes again he'll really see a storm over the pampas.'

(6) Larry Haines (Bob Hope) flirting with Karen Bentley (Madeleine Carroll) in My Favorite Blonde (1942): ' Are those your own eyes?... Both of 'em? '

(7) Sylvester the Great (Bob Hope) to Princess Margaret (Virginia Mayo) in The Princess and the Pirate (1944): ' Sit down and take a load off my eyes.'

(8) Rip Murdoch (Humphrey Bogart) to Carol Chandler (Lizabeth Scott) in Dead Reckoning (1947): ' Go ahead, put Christmas in your eyes and keep your voice low. Tell me about paradise and all the things I'm missing.'

(9) Nella Turner (Jane Russell) to Stack (Robert Ryan) in The Tall Men (1955): ' You know, for a fellah who doesn't do much talking, you've got real busy eyes. It's not that I mind being stared at. That's part of being a female. But I don't like to be weighed, measured and counted.'

(10) Charles (Laurence Olivier) to Elsie (Marilyn Monroe) in The Prince and the Showgirl (1957):-- Prince Charles: ' Your eyes! Twin pools of gladness and joy into which any man would be happy to drown himself.'-- Elsie: ' In both of them? '-- Prince Charles: ' In either of them.'

(11) Nick Gardenia (Chevy Chase) to ex-wife Glenda Park (Goldie Hawn) in Seems Like Old Times (1980): ' I love the way your eyes curl up when you look at me.'

(12) Elena Montero (Catherine Zeta-Jones) in Zorro (1999): ' Something in his eyes captured me. I felt warm, feverish.'

(13) Laurence Shames. Sunburn : ' Bimbos eyes - you could look at them but never into them.'

2. Popular euphemism for a woman's breasts or nipples. See breasts for synonyms and euphemisms.

Quote: Famous pun by Mae West (Ann Julian) in Mae West (1986): ' Watch the eyes, boys! '

eyes rate
(Noun) Something you use to see.
Usage: Mother Board from SiberCase has a square eye and a circle eye.

eyes rate
(Noun) part of body on face that allows you to see
Usage: i can see out of my eyes

eyes rate
(Noun) windows to the soul
Usage: She looked into his eyes and fell deeply in love.

EYES rate
(Abbreviation) Encourage Young Engineering Students
EYES rate
(Abbreviation) Encourage Young Engineers Scientists
EYES rate
(Abbreviation) Encouraging Young Engineer Students

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