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gossip rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. A person who habitually reveals, repeats, or spreads idle talk and intimate, private, or sensational rumors or facts about others.
Synonyms: babbler; blabbermouth; busybody; buttinsky; chatterbox; chatterer; circulator; flibbertigibbet; gossipmonger; informer; kibitzer; meddler; newsmonger; Nosy Parker; parrot; prattler; quidnunc; rumormonger; scandalizer; scandalmonger; snoop; talebearer; tattler; tattletale; telltale; yenta.

2. Such talk, rumors, or facts.
Synonyms: account; babble; babbling; back-fence talk; blather; blether; buzz; calumny; chatter; chitchat; chronicle; clothesline; conversation; cry; defamation; dirt; dirty laundry; dirty linen; dirty wash; dope; earful; grapevine; guff; hearsay; idle talk; injury; malicious talk; meddling; murmur; news; prate; prattle; report; rumors; scandal; scuttlebutt; slander; small talk; story; tale; talk; tattle; whispering campaing; word.


(1) Dr. Matthew Swain (Lloyd Nolan) about Peyton Place (1957): ' We're all prisoners of each other's gossip, killed by each other's whispers.'

(2) Yale (Michael Murphy) in Manhattan (1979): ' Gossip is the new pornography.'

(3) Columnist L'Oiseau/Wasy (Wallace Shawn) to Bertram Stone (John Lone) in The Moderns (1988): ' Everyone hates repeating gossip but what else is there to do with it? '

3. To talk about others; to spread rumors.Synonyms: babble; bad-mouth; bend one's ear; blab; blather; blether; bruit; chat; chatter; chip the lips; cut to pieces; cut up; dish; hint; imply; insinuate; intimate; jaw; noise abroad; prate; prattle; put it about; rattle on; repeat; report; rumor; schmoose; spill the beans; spread; spread rumors; stir some shit; suggest; talk; talk idly; tattle; tell secrets; tell tales; wiggle-waggle.

3. Trivial or chatty talk. See also: pussy talk.

gossip rate
(Verb) The act of communicating information about a person when they are not aware, usually negative information
gossip rate
(Verb) to talk about a person behind the person's back.
gossip rate
(Adjective) talk behind your back
gossip rate
(Noun) a person who habitually reveals, repeats or spreads idle chatter
gossip rate
(Verb) to talk about person behind the person's back

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