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dirty rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. Vulgar; pornographic; obscene.
Synonyms: base; blue; coarse; contemptible; despicable; filthy; immoral; impure; indecent; lewd; low; mean; nasty; off-color; piggy; ribald; risqué; salacious; scatological; scurvy; smutty; sordid; squalid; trashy; unchaste; unclean; uncleanly; vile; vulgar; wanton.

2. Naughty, impure, unchaste.
Synonyms: defiled; indecent; soiled; unclean; salacious; lecherous.

3. Soiled; unclean.
Synonyms; bedraggled; begrimed; black; contaminated; cruddy; crummy; defiled; disarrayed; dishabille; disheveled; dreggy; dungy; dusty; filthy; foul; fouled; greasy; grimy; grubby; grungy; icky; littered; lousy; messy; mucky; muddy; mung; murky; nasty; pigpen; polluted; raunchy; scummy; scuzzy; slatternly; sleazy; slimy; sloppy; slovenly; smoky; smoggy; smudged; smutty; sooty; spattered; spotted; squalid; stained; straggly; sullied; undusted; unhygienic; unkempt; unlaundered; unsanitary; unsightly; unswept; untidy; unwashed yucky.

4. Or: the dirty deed / do the dirty (deed / thing) , to have sexual intercourse. See copulation for synonyms.

dirty rate
to be muddy
dirty rate
to not be clean.
Usage: They were dirty after their game.

dirty rate
(Adjective) covered in dirt
Dirty rate
(Adjective) Opposite of clean
Dirty rate
(Noun) Not being clean.
Not have been washed or bathed.
Usage: When we played soccer in the rain we all were dirty because of the dirt.

dirty rate
(Adjective) when something is really messy
Usage: The boy is dirty because he rolled in the mud.

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