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lunch rate
(Noun) what we are trying to give to kids through this game.
lunch rate
A meal eaten at midday.
lunch rate
Food that is eaten midday.
Usage: You ready for lunch?

LUNCH rate
(Abbreviation) Local United Network to Combat Hunger
lunch rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. In porno movie-making, a scene featuring cunnilingus.

2. In gay slang, the visible bulge of the genitals in the crotch area of men wearing tight-fitting pants.
SYNONYMS: basket; basketful of meat; box; canasta; equipment; family jewels; groceries; jewelry showcase; lunch box; lunch-meat; meat case; packet; showcase; snackpack.

lunch rate
(Noun) the meal traditionally eaten around noon. It is in between breakfast and dinner.
lunch rate
(Noun) the meal generally eaten between breakfast and dinner.
lunch rate
(Noun) a midday meal
lunch rate
(Noun) A person's second full meal of the day, typically consumed at or near midday hours, depending on an individual's sleep schedule.
Usage: I had little snacks here & there throughout the day but couldn't get a real lunch until after sunset.

lunch rate
(Noun) The meal eaten during the afternoon, between breakfast and dinner.
Usage: We ate lunch in the afternoon, on the veranda.

lunch rate
(Noun) meal had in the early afternoon hours of the day
Lunch rate
(Noun) A meal most often consumed at midday.
Usage: Michael was looking forward to his lunch of cheese and pickle sandwiches.

lunch rate
(Noun) a meal taken between breakfast and dinner, usually in the middle of the day (around noon)
Usage: for every two approved definitions, Farlex will donate lunch, an important meal to provide stamina to get through the day, to a hungry child

lunch rate
One of the 3 main meals a day.
Usage: Let's go out to eat for lunch

lunch rate
(Noun) a meal you eat around noon.
Usage: My lunch was very tasty today.

Lunch rate
(Noun) a meal eaten at or around noon
after breakfast but before dinner
Usage: Eating lunch is important so you can be successful in school! :)

lunch rate
(Noun) the meal eaten around noon, between breakfast and dinner.
Usage: I'm hungry for lunch.

lunch rate
(Noun) A tasty meal between dinner and breakfast.
Usage: I'm having peanut butter and jelly for lunch today.

Lunch rate
(Noun) A meal that is usually eaten around noon.
Usage: What did you have for lunch today?

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