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jack rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. The penis. See penis for synonyms.

2. An erect penis.

3. To copulate. Obsolete, 19 th century British usage derived either from the common male name (Jack), also a pet name for the penis, or from Jack-in-the-Box. See copulation for synonyms.

4. American slang verb: to ejaculate, based on the verb jack off to masturbate. In this sense, jack could be derived from the Latin jacere , to throw, which is the root of ejaculate. See ejaculation for synonyms.

5. Slang term for semen and other fluids secreted at orgasm. See semen for synonyms.

6. Any man or fellow; an average man

7. Jack shit / Jack squat , bugger all; sweet fuck-all; zilch; nothing.

Jack rate
(Noun) (Playing cards.) An American face card, immediately below a "Queen" and immediately above a "10".
Usage: Different countries have different face cards and names. There's usually a king, but the queen might be a horseman instead, and in Britain a knave is what Americans call a jack.

JACK rate
(Abbreviation) Joint Advisory Commission-Korea
jack rate
(Verb) To steal something.
Usage: We jacked the puppy.

Jack rate
(Noun) Slang for money
Usage: Someone just stole all my jack!

JACK rate
(Abbreviation) Joint Advisory Commission, Korea

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