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energy pyramid


energy pyramid rate
(Noun) A diagram that shows the transition of energy from one trophic level to another; represented by producers (plants, trees) at the bottom, followed by the primary consumers (herbivores), then the secondary consumers (carnivores/omnivores) and finally the tertiary consumers (mostly carnivores) or the decomposers.
Energy Pyramid rate
A diagram that shows the amount of energy passed on at each level of a food chain
energy pyramid rate
(Noun) The flow of energy from the producer through the various consumers/carnivores.
energy pyramid rate
A pyramid that shows a food chain and where energy is used the least,most,etc.
Producers are the are always at the bottom of the pyramid showing that there is where energy is mostly used.for example omnivores and carnivores would be at the top for example at the top would be a carnivore or omnivore at the middle would be a herbivore at the bottom would be the producer.
energy pyramid rate
(Noun) each layer in the energy pyramid represents one trophic level
Energy pyramid rate
(Noun) A graphical model that is shaped like a pyramid to show how the energy flows through the food chain.

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