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Turkish Delight - A slightly gummy sweet that comes in one of several colors - e.g., yellow (lemon), light green (lime), red (cherry) ... .

culture shock - Social disorientation/anxiety in a new environment.

bathrobe - A big body "cloak" of absorbent material used to dry oneself after a bath or shower

accoutrements - A collection of items used for a particular task.

barge one's way in - to enter rudely or improperly without permission

D2D - "Design to Demise," referring to the design of items that are supposed to disintegrate or burn up during reentry

SPQR - The Roman Senate, basically.

Richthofen, Manfred von - 1892-1918. "The Red Baron" - German WWI flying ace.

Wharton School - Very prestigious Ivy League business school. Undergraduate and graduate divisions.

you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs - You can't have everything good without sacrifice

ritual - Sometimes, a formalized habitual action.

internal conflict - When a literary character struggles with inner problems, such as thoughts or emotions.

Baby Huey - Comic-book character, originated in 1949, but after a long run faded into obscurity decades ago.

house telephone - A telephone that connects only from the hotel lobby to a location in that hotel.

blue-pencil - To edit. Since word-processing, one no longer edits with a blue-colored pencil, but the verb is still understood.

portulaca - Hardy, colorful, low-lying "ordinary" flower that spreads

crust - A thick substance (usually on pizza) that is crunchy and tastes good

bishop - Formal title given to a senior level among Christian clergy.

String Bean - a term applied to a skinny person. Neutral to affectionate - whereas "fatso" is almost always pejorative.

coerce - To harass

Inchon - Successful American September 1950 surprise amphibious landing against the North Koreans that led to a string of American victories.

crust - The thick/firm outer edges of a bread product.

lachanophobia - the fear of vegetables

coed - A female college undergraduate

TFCTU - Thanks For Clearing That Up

Crockett, Davy - 1786-1836; American folk hero/frontiersman/patriot. Killed at the Alamo.

On the house - Free of charge

remnants - leftover objects from a project

portholes - Those little round windows lining the sides of a ship

Columbia - Big river in the Northwestern US

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