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want - a verb that indicates an obsession of possessing a particular object

squelch - a sound or noise of a squish

EUNWA - European Neighbourhood Watch Association

You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat - Taken from the movie Jaws, this expression was used by Chief Brody when he sees the shark for the first time. It is used in modern day parlance to indicate the situation has been grossly underestimated.

nunnery - A monastery for women. (Or a brothel - it was 16th-century slang - paradoxically enough. It's tough to figure out what Shakespeare's "get thee to a nunnery" meant.)

killer bee - An "Africanized" honey bee. The problem is bee psychology, not chemistry. Killer bees swarm when they feel threatened (everything threatens them) - one normal bee sting is nothing, but 1,000 will kill you. Solution: run like hell!


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