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sycophant rate
(Noun) a person who sucks up to others for personal gain
sycophant rate
(Adult / Slang)
Derogatory expression for a servile self-seeker who hopes to gain favor and approval by praising, flattering and fawning over rich, influential, or powerful people.

Synonyms: a.k.; apple-polisher; ass-kisser; ass-licker; ass-sucker; back-patter; back-scratcher; back-slapper; bootlick; boot-licker (bootlicker); brown all 'round; browner; brown-nose(r); brown-tongue; bucker; bum sucker; doormat; egg-sucker; flatterer; flunky; hanger-on; kiss ass; kiss butt; knee-bender; lick-spittle; minion; myrmidon; red-appler; rim queen; stooge; simonizer; suck-ass; suck-up-toer; toady; tokus licker; TL; yes man; yes-sayer; yesser.


(1) Will Randall (Jack Nicholson) to Stuart (James Spader) in Wolf (1997):
-- Will: ' You are such a polished ass-kisser it takes my breath away.'
-- Stuart: ' I kiss 'em like I see 'em.'

(2) Marty (Peter MacNicol) to Newton (Steve Martin) when the boss walks by in Housesitter (1992): ' If I could find the right doctor I would have my lips permanently sown to his ass.'

sycophant rate
a self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite.
sycophant rate
(Noun) 1. fawing flatterer
2. someone who flatters a person of power for personal gain.
Usage: I am not a sycophant when I tell you you are the greatest writer I have ever discovered.

sycophant rate
(Noun) a suck up or someone who wants to get something easily.
Usage: I am a sycophant sometimes

sycophant rate
a mindless follower
sycophant rate
(Noun) a person who is toady; a suck-up
Usage: The others considered him a sycophant since he gave his teachers frequent compliments

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