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screw rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. To have vaginal or anal intercourse with someone. See copulation for synonyms.


(1) Captain Francis Grose. Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1811): ' To copulate. A female screw; a common prostitute. To screw one up; to exact upon one in a bargain or reckoning.'

(2) Brian Roberts (Michael York) and Sally Bowles (Lisa Minnelli) in Cabaret (1972):
-- Brian: ' Screw Max! '
-- Sally: ' I do! '
-- Brian: ' So do I! '

(3) Buddy Young, Jr. (Billy Crystal) and a waiter in Mr. Saturday Night (1992):
-- Buddy: ' Sidney, who do you have to screw to get a vodka in here? '
-- Waiter: ' Me.'
-- Buddy: ' Make it a Ginger Ale.'

(4) Stella (Marilyn Sokol) showing Gloria (Goldie Hawn) her alarm wistle, Mace, and brass knuckles in Foul Play (1978): ' Without them you're a walking light bulb waiting to be screwed.'

2. To masturbate. See masturbation for synonyms.

3. To cheat; to take advantage of; to betray.


(1) Huey Walker's (Dennis Hopper) speech in Flashback (1989); ' Guess what? You're having free sex right now. You're getting screwed and you don't even know it.'

(2) Lou Perelli (Alan Arkin) to Ruben Martinez (Andy Garcia) in Steal Big, Steal Little (1995): ' Don't trust your friends because when they screw you it will break your heart.'

4. A person, male or female, considered solely as a sexual object.

5. Or: good screw , a woman regarded as sexually promiscuous. See playgirl for synonyms.

6. Or: screw up , to botch or mishandle, to ruin, spoil, or mess up something, to fail dismally.

Quote: Sally (Liza Minnelli) in Cabaret (1972): ' Sex always screws up a friendship anyway.'

screw rate
(Noun) a simple machine that can be twisted in and out of objects.
SCREW rate
(Abbreviation) Student Coalition for Responsible Electronic Waste
SCREW rate
(Abbreviation) Survey of Capabilities of Retired Early Workers
screw rate
(Noun) an incline plane wrapped helically around an axis.

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