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Pwn rate
A slang term that means to beat, destroy, and totaly annihilate some one or some thing.
Usage: I just pwned your noob ass!

pwn rate
(Verb) A internet/gaming slang word, meaning to beat another player very well.

The term originated from the word "own". Due to the "o"key being very close to the "p" key, "pwned" was typed instead of "owned".
Usage: I pwned you!
You were pwned
I'm going to pwn this noob.

pwn rate
(Verb) the total domination of a place, person or a thing
Usage: I pwn you!

pwn rate
(Verb) to beat someone, be better than someone, overtake someone/something, also known as own
pwn rate
(Verb) To annihilate something in a video game.
Usage: He pwned the World 1 boss in one hit.

PWN rate
(Abbreviation) Patras Wireless Network
PWN rate
(Abbreviation) Positive Women's Network
PWN rate
(Abbreviation) Power Without Negligence
PWN rate
(Abbreviation) Positive Women Network
pwn rate
(Verb) to own
Usage: I pwn n00bs

pwn rate
(Verb) To defeat or declare superiority over someone else.
Usage: We totally pwned your team at soccer.

pwn rate
(Verb) to destroy completely, to own in multiple ways, to decimate, esp. in video games
Usage: I pwn at World of Warcraft.

pwn rate
(Expression) Misspelled version of own. Is used commonly on the internet.
Usage: You just got pwned!

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