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pillow rate
(Noun) An object that is usually made with cotton exterior and filled with feathers or stuffing on the inside. It is shaped in a rectangle and provides comfort for one's head while trying to sleep at night.
pillow rate
(Noun) an object that a head is placed on while sleeping
Usage: When I went to bed, I made sure my pillow was on my bed.

pillow rate
(Noun) a cushion used to rest one's head while asleep.
Usage: "I layed down on my soft pillow and fell asleep."

pillow rate
a cushion that is placed under the head for comfort
pillow rate
a device that is slept on
Pillow rate
(Noun) A bag/sack that is made out of cloth which is filled with feathers and is used to cushion your head while sleeping or resting
Usage: I could not sleep because my pillow was too hard.

Pillow rate
(Noun) a bag which is filled with some sort of soft material to go under the head when a person sleeps/rests.
Usage: She grabbed the pillow so she could leave for the sleepover.

Pillow rate
(Noun) An item filled with a soft material used while sleeping.
Usage: I laid on the pillow and went to sleep.

Pillow rate
(Noun) Soft cushion used to support the head when you rest
pillow rate
(Noun) a soft bag of feathers that people put their head on when they are about to go to sleep.
pillow rate
(Noun) A material used to put one's head upon while sleeping
Usage: She put her head on the pillow on her bed and fell asleep.

pillow rate
(Noun) a thing to put your head on
Usage: I got a pillow for Christmas.

pillow rate
(Noun) a soft cushion used primarily for resting one's head while in a bed
Usage: I would like another pillow for my bed.

pillow rate
(Noun) A cushion you place under your head to sleep on.
Usage: I cannot wait to go to bed and sleep on my comfy pillow.

pillow rate
(Noun) soft, fluffy, lay head on
Usage: a pillow is something soft to lay on while sleeping

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