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Photosynthesis rate
Photosynthesis is a process in which plants make their own food to survive by using
Carbon Dioxide,Sunlight,Chlorophyll and Water.
It also takes place in the green parts of the plant (leaves).
photosynthesis rate
(Noun) the process by which a plant uses energy in sunlight with carbon dioxide and water to make its own food.
Usage: A plant performs photosynthesis everyday.

Photosynthesis rate
(Verb) the action by which a plant uses the energy from the sun to change 6 carbon dioxide molocules (6CO2) and 6 water molocules (6H2O) into glucose (C6H12O6) and oxygen (O2).
Usage: Plants make food through photosynthesis

photosynthesis rate
(Noun) The process in which plants use water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight to produce the sugar glucose.
photosynthesis rate
(Noun) The process by which a plant uses the energy of sunlight and certain chemicals to produce its own food. Oxygen is often a by-product of photosynthesis
photosynthesis rate
(Noun) method by which plants make food for themselves
Usage: In photosynthesis, plants use the sun to help make sugars.

photosynthesis rate
(Noun) the process where plants convert light into chemical energy.
photosynthesis rate
The process plants use to produce "food", to stimulate growth.
photosynthesis rate
(Noun) foodmaking that takes place in the leaves
Usage: photosynthesis takes place in the leaves

photosynthesis rate
(Adjective) how plants grow
Usage: what happens to photosynthesis at night

photosynthesis rate
(Noun) A metabolic process used by plants, to produce chemical energy from sunlight
Usage: A tree uses photosynthesis in the day time

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