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onomatopoeia rate
(Noun) Words, pronunciation of which imitates the sound of the noise or action designated, such as 'hiss', 'buzz' and 'bang'. Remember Batman, with 'KAPOW', and 'ZOK'??
The snakes hissed, the mosquitoes buzzed, and in a panic he turned around and banged his head into a tree.
Onomatopoeia rate
(Noun) 1. A literary device described as a word that sounds the same as the noise it represents, such as 'crash'.

2. The word that makes your heart drop when your teacher asks you to spell it.
Usage: 1. In the poem, onomatopoeia was used to describe the sound of cars honking: "Honk, honk!"

2. "Spell the word 'onomatopoeia'." "Uh..."

onomatopoeia rate
(Noun) Formation of a word from sound, such as click or boom.
onomatopoeia rate
words that make sounds. The frog croaked.
onomatopoeia rate
(Expression) A word that sounds like it is said, such as 'bang', 'crash' or 'meow'.
onomatopoeia rate
repeating a sound
onomatopoeia rate
(Noun) a word whose pronunciation imitates the sound it describes
Usage: Meow is an example of onomatopoeia.

onomatopoeia rate
sound that something makes
onomatopoeia rate
(Expression) To make a sound. ex. Moooooo! "Buzzzzzzzzzz!"said the bee.
onomatopoeia rate
(Noun) A collective name for words that imitate a sound.
like "the door went BANG as it slammed shut"
onomatopoeia rate
sounds example oink oink quack quack moo moo or the slam of a door or something
Usage: The duck went QUACK.

onomatopoeia rate
(Noun) refers to words that are imitating the sound they are describing, such as bang, crash, clink, etc.
Usage: I love Japanese Graphic novels, because you get to learn the onomatopoeia from other languages.

onomatopoeia rate
(Noun) A word that defines a sound, also an awesome word in Scrabble.
Usage: "BOOM!!" is an onomatopoeia.

onomatopoeia rate
(Noun) A word that imitates sounds.

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