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n00b rate
someone who is new at something, which is evident by their lack of skill. Referred to mostly in video games.
Usage: You are such a n00b!

n00b rate
(Noun) Word origins: newbie

Some one who has been playing a video game for a long period of time and thinks that they are good at it, but are not good at the game at all.
Often confused with newbie, which is someone who new at something.

Alternate spelling: noob
Word Building: n00by Adj
Usage: Shut up n00b

n00b rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Abbreviation) An abbreviation of "newbie". a n00b is a person who is new to online gaming. This word is particularly used in RPG's and First Person Shooters (FPS).
Usage: "OMG! That n00b is terrible at this game!"

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