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MOUSE rate
(Abbreviation) Making Opportunities for Upgrading Schools Education
mouse rate
(Noun) a small four legged furry mammal
Mouse rate
(Noun) The part of a computer that controls the cursor on the screen.
mouse rate
(Noun) A small rodent.
Mouse rate
(Noun) A small rodent, capable of biting through hard substances with its powerful teeth.
Usage: The mouse scampered into the night.

mouse rate
a small mammal
Mouse rate
(Noun) A small furry rodent, or device to move the cursor on a computer.
Usage: The mouse came to find scraps on the floor.

mouse rate
(Noun) 1. a small rodent
2. a device used to select and click on a computer
Usage: I saw a mouse at the zoo.
I bought a new wireless mouse for my laptop.

mouse rate
(Noun) 1: a small furry rodent that cats like to chase and hunt.
2: a device you use to click things on your computer.
Usage: 1: I have a pet mouse.
2: Use your mouse to click that.

mouse rate
(Noun) A small, furry rodent.
mouse rate
(Noun) a small rodent
mouse rate
(Noun) a small rodent women are afraid of.
mouse rate
(Noun) a very small rodent that makes a squeaking noise
mouse rate
(Noun) A small, common rodent with a long tail, rounded ears, and a pointed snout; traditionally considered to be an animal that cats love to eat.
mouse rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. Informal term, popular in the 1930s and 1940s, for a young woman or girl. Implies a small, very feminine, demure, quiet or timid person who invites being cuddled. Also, one's wife or girlfriend.

QUOTES: The Garbage Man (Allen Jenkins) to the professors in Ball of Fire (1941): 'I could use a bundle of scratch right now on account I met me a mouse last week. What a pair of gams. A little in, a little out, and a little more out.' Also: 'The mouse is the dish. That's what I need the moula for. We'll be stepping me and the smooch... I mean dish... I mean mouse.'

2. Slang term for penis. See penis for synonyms.


(1) To Matthew Broderick in The Night We Never Met (1993): ' Lisa leads you by the mouse.'

(2) Internet slogan: ' Let your mouse run wild.'

3. In UK prostitution jargon, to blackmail a customer.

4. A sanitary pad or tampon.

5. A bite mark on the skin, usually the neck, cause by sucking.

6. A black eye.

mouse rate
(Noun) animal, mammal
Usage: a mouse ran in the house.

mouse rate
(Noun) small rodent

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