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labia rate
(Adult / Slang)
The lips or external folds of flesh of the vulva. There are two pairs of labia at the entrance to the vagina: a) the smaller, inner lips are called labia minora; b) the larger, outer lips are known as the labia majora; together the labia minora and labia majora protect the vagina, urethra, and clitoris. Singular: labium.

ETYMOLOGY: Latin for lips, the plural of labium meaning lip; so-mamed because of their fleshy, liplike appearance; used in standard English since the early 17 th century.

SYNONYMS: lips (of the vagina or vulva); bacon bomb doors; bacon rind; bacon sandwich; bacon strips; bawdy cleft; beef jibber; blood flaps; bovine drapes; breakfast of champion; bum bacon; butterflies; cat flaps; cat's head cut open; cleft underside; cockles; columns of Venus; crack; crevice; cunt lips; cuntocks; curtain drop; curtains; dangly bits; dew-flaps; double doors; double suckers; ear between the legs; female genital slit; female lipped underbelly; female lower mouth; female pudendal slit (canalis, inlet, lane); female slit; female's lower kisser; fillet o' fish; fish lips; flabby lips; flaps; flesh beer towels; front doors; fuck flaps; gammon flaps; gammon goalposts; gaper; grin; garden gates; genital hiatus; genital slit; hanging bacon; hefty clefty; inner lips; interlabial slit; labs; lipped underside; lower lips; lower mouth; meat tarp; mud flaps; mute mouth; nether lips; outer lips; ox drapes; palace gates; passion flaps; pink bits; pink flaps; piss flaps; piss slit; portals of sex; pudendal smile; scallops; sex skin; sex skin; sexual slit; silent mouth; skins; slit; slitted underbelly; split; split-tail; tram lines; undercut; vaginal rim; vertical bacon baguette; vertical bacon sandwich; vulvar interlabial slit; vulvar lips; vulvar inner and outer lips; wings of the vulva.

LABIA rate
(Abbreviation) Lesbians Answer Back In Anger

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