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graviton rate
(Noun) A hypothetical particle proposed by physicists in order to unify the mechanisms of the four known fundamental forces. The other three forces (electromagnetic, strong, weak) have carrier particles associated with them (photons, gluons and W/Z bosons respectively) and it is thought by many that gravity too must have a carrier particle (dubbed the graviton). To date no detections of this particle have been made and it is likely that we will have to wait until a future theory unifies General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics to understand it better.
Usage: In the Standard Model the graviton is the carrier particle associated with the force of gravity.

graviton rate
(Noun) A subatomic particle that orbits all atoms causing gravity on its return orbit by bumping into matter. It has a velocity exceeding 10,000 times the speed of light. Gravitons typically have orbit diameters of a few millimeters to as large as our Milky Way galaxy itself. Gravitons also create the effect known as inertia by bumping into solid objects.
Usage: It wasn't until the discovery of Graviton Particles by Alfred Herman Schrader in 2007 that what caused Sir Isaac Newton's Laws of Gravity & Inertia was resolved.

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