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fork rate
(Noun) an eating utensil with prongs, normally three
Usage: I eat a salad with a fork.

fork rate
(Noun) an eating utensil with prongs for picking up food
Usage: Please set the fork to the left of the plate.

fork rate
(Noun) A utensil used to eat.
Usage: I had to use the fork to pick up the fruit.

fork rate
(Noun) a pronged utensil used when eating in order to spear food and pick it up
Usage: I use a fork to eat my spaghetti.

Fork rate
(Noun) An eating utensil used to pick things up. Usually consists of a shaft and a head with prongs on it.
Usage: He used his fork to pick up his pasta.

fork rate
eating utensil with four sharp prongs
fork rate
(Noun) Spot where a road/path/river, etc. divides into two (or more) directions.
fork rate
Like a spoon, but instead of a rounded edge, it has 4 sharp prongs to dig into meats and other solid food.
FORK rate
(Abbreviation) Fornuftig Og Rimelig Kvalitet
fork rate
(Noun) four-pronged utensil used to stab and pick up food
Usage: The girl ate her pasta with a fork.

fork rate
(Noun) A eating utensil made from metal, plastic, or wood. It has usually 3 or 4 spaces in between to pick up the food.
fork rate
An eating utensile with four spikes.
fork rate
(Noun) an eating utensil with three tines
Usage: i used a fork to eat lunch.

fork rate
(Noun) utensil used to eat
Usage: The man used a fork to eat his spaghetti

fork rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. The female genitals. This 19 th century coinage, still in use, is based on the shape of opened legs.

2. A euphemistic form for the word fuck. See copulation for synonyms.

3. British usage, of a male, to copulate (with) a woman, based on the stabbing motion and on the sense defined in (1): To have a bit of fork is based on the genital area metaphor; to have a bit on a/the fork is based on the food metaphor for sexual intercourse. In prostitution, to hawk the fork means to solicit trade.

4. Australian term for a prostitute. See prostitute for synonyms.

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