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football rate
(Noun) a sport involving two competing teams (usually 11 a side in formal competition) vying for possession of a single, round, inflated ball, with the intent of moving it down field and placing the ball in the other team's goal (allowable methods for moving the ball depend on which variation is played, which is situated at the opposite end of the field from their own goal.
In one variation of this competition, the ball can be moved via kicking, throwing and catching, and carrying in hand and arm. This form also has different variations with different rules, the most popular being rugby (played in most of the world and particularly popular in countries once colonized by Great Britain), Australian rules football (for the most part only played in Australia), and American rules football (most popular in Canada and the United States).
In the other major variation (more popular worldwide), the football is controlled and moved using any part of the body except for the hands and arms. A few similar forms of this variation are played worldwide with the only differences being number of players to a side and a few other, minor rule changes (ex: futsal, beach football, etc.)
Usage: When playing football, one may use one's foot to direct the ball into the goal.

Football rate
(Noun) The most popular sport in Italy.
Usage: I'm a great football player !

football rate
(Noun) is a game played by two teams and a ball
football rate
(Noun) soccer, in most countries
football rate
(Noun) a sport involving a field, ball, and points to be scored.
football rate
(Noun) Two teams, 11 players on each team. One goalkeeper who can use his hands in his own square that is right in front of the team's goal. You are supposed to get the ball into the other team goal.
Usage: I like to play football with Magnus.

Football rate
(Noun) A very famous sport
football rate
(Noun) a ball used to play football
football rate
(Noun) a sport.
football rate
(Noun) a game played between two teams with 11 players on the field for each team at once
Usage: I love to play football!

football rate
(Noun) a club sport.
football rate
(Noun) an american sport.

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