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family rate
(Adult / Slang)
In prostitution, a group of prostitutes managed by the same pimp.
Synonyms: B-girl string; corral; in-laws; pimp's corral; stable.
See also: bottom woman; girlfriend; main bitch; main lady; main piece; main squeeze; meal ticket; old lady.
Family rate
(Noun) The people you love.
family rate
(Noun) Those people which support a person emotionally, love that person, and help that person however they can.
Usage: Though we are not biologically related, I consider Madeline a part of my family.

family rate
(Noun) A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of the parents and their children.
Usage: We want a large family

family rate
(Noun) the group of loving heart
family rate
(Noun) group of persons
Usage: my family is beautiful

family rate
(Noun) A unit consisting of a mother, father, and possibly children.
family rate
(Noun) the people who are related, stay together, or brother/sister
Usage: My family is rich

family rate
(Noun) a person related to another by blood or origin, especially on sharing an ancestor with another
family rate
(Noun) People who are related.
Usage: My family is always there for me.

Family rate
(Noun) a group of relatives that form a unit
Usage: Her family consisted of her parents, a brother, a niece and two cousins.

Family rate
(Noun) The people who cause, listen to, or prevent love, pain, anger, sadness, or joy.
Usage: I hope every orphan child gets adopted into a loving family.

family rate
(Noun) members of a clan unit, defined differently based on cultural norms. In Western cultures it can refer to immediate family (mother, father, siblings, children) or extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc.)

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