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come out


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(Adult / Slang)
1. Or: come out of the closet, to declare openly one's homosexuality; to live true to one's sexuality.
Synonyms: accept one's sexuality; (be) brought out; discover one's gender; drop one's beads; drop one's hairpins; go public; jump out of the closet; jump out with both feet; lay it out; learn a new way; to out; reveal one's homosexuality; reveal being gay; show one's true colors; tell the folks; wear one's badge.
See also: be outed; wear a cut-glass veil; wear a mourning veil; stay in the closet.


(1) Bruce Rodgers (?): ' He's a natural... he came out the day he was born.'

(2) R. Reisner. Graffiti. Two Thousand Years of Wall Writing : ' Better latent than never. '

2. To become aware progressively of one's own homosexuality or to become more and more exclusively homosexual.

3. To take a position; to declare oneself in favor or against.

4. To bring one's secret beliefs or practices into the open. In Practical Magic (1999), Sally (Sandra Bullock), whom has always been suspected of being a witch, calls 13 women to form a coven and the word goes out: ' Sally just came out.' And this is considered: ' A fabulous affirmation.'

5. To discover or accept one's penchant for sadomasochism; to acknowledge one's deviant sexual feelings.

6. A debut in society when a young woman was formally presented to society as a debutante; from that point on she could have social engagements with men.

Quote: Sabra Cameron (Frances Dee) in Wheel of Fortune (1941): ' One of our debs. She's coming out next week.'

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