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blue rate
(Adjective) A specific color; a feeling of lonliness, sadness, or helplessness
Usage: Today I am feeling very blue

blue rate
(Noun) color, usually associated with sky or water; emotion of sadness
Usage: My pants are blue like the sky. I feel blue because my dog died.

blue rate
(Adjective) Blue is a colour. Somebody also can be blue but that "blue" means sad.
Usage: The sky is blue today.

blue rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. Risqué, indecent, lewd, pornographic, obscene, or tending to be that way. Blue movie.

2. Gloomy; depressing; low-spirited. I've got the blues. See also: blues.

BLUE rate
(Abbreviation) Best Linear Unbiased Estimate
blue rate
(Adjective) a description of the colour of an object
Usage: to throw a blue ball

blue rate
color of the sky
blue rate
(Noun) a color
Usage: I love blue.

Blue rate
(Noun) Color who in RGBs is 0-0-255, CMYKs, 100-100-0-0 and hexadecimals, 0000FF.
Usage: The car is blue. Blues are beautiful colors.

blue rate
(Noun) color on the ROY G BIV spectrum, also used to mean sad.
Usage: I love your blue sweater.
I'm feeling pretty blue today.

blue rate
(Adjective) a colour used to describe objects such as the sea and sky.
Usage: The sky looks so blue on a summers morning.

blue rate
(Noun) A color of the rainbow, after green and before purple.
It is a primary color.
When mixed with yellow it makes green and mixed with red it makes purple.
Usage: The sky is blue

blue rate
(Adverb) To be sad.
Usage: I am very blue today.

blue rate
(Adjective) the color of the sky and ocean.
blue rate
(Adjective) A risqué joke or act
Usage: The film was lecherous; it could have fallen under the genre of "blue film."

Blue rate
(Adjective) A color.
Usage: The blue bird chirped outside my window.

blue rate
(Noun) a primary color, the color of the sky.
blue rate
(Adverb) something is of that color
Usage: My eyes are blue

Blue rate
(Expression) Sad, tired, or even bad mood.
Usage: I feel blue today because it was raining.

Blue rate
A color That has a dark hue.
Usage: This carpet is blue.

blue rate
(Adjective) the color of the sky; to feel sad or down
Usage: The girl's bright blue eyes matched her shirt today.

blue rate
(Adjective) a colour
Usage: The pencil case is blue.

Blue rate
(Adjective) A colour.
Usage: The sky is blue.

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