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o.j.d. rate
(Noun) when all you do is think, eat, sleep, and do is jonas related. when you wait in a line for 2 days for there tickets and you sing there songs constantly and you ignore anyone that thinks otherwise . that's the true meaning of o.j.d.
Usage: i have a major case of o.j.d.

O.J.D. rate
obsessive jonas disorder ......i got it when i was seven now i am 9 you love the jonas brothers so much it bothers your parents
O.J.D. rate
its is a phrase used by most of teenage girls when they say they love the jonas brothers. meaning u r obssed or juzt very dedicated to them. evry little thing may remind you of them, you willl nvr b cured. those boys will b a part of u forever. i got it in 6th gr. im an 8th grader now.
of course i heard when u hav o.j.d u kno evrything about those boys.

O.J.D. rate
(Noun) When girls know everything about the Jonas Brothers, have all of their music, and can't get any of their songs out of your head (AND YOU KNOW YOU DON'T WANT TO). There is no known cure. But who would want to be cured of Obsessive Jonas Disorder, the BEST disorder in the UNIVERSE!
Usage: Mom, the psychiatrist said I have O.J.D. 100%.

O.J.D. rate
impossible to get rid of. you know you have it when all you can do is eat, sleep, and think Jonas (well not exacly eat but you get it) its a disease 99% of teen age girls get. but I've gotten it earlier i got it @ 12.
Usage: I have a major case of OJD. My mom thinks I'm nuts. my doctor said its a phase. seriously I went to the doctor. pathetic huh. :D

O.J.D. rate
when you LOVE and PRAISE the Jonas Brothers. I got it when I was 13 still have and forever will. You do not care what others think of them or you. GO OJDers!!
Usage: I have the biggest case of OJD.

O.J.D. rate
Short for: Obsessive Jonas Disorder
Usage: Did you hear that Torrey has OJD?

O.J.D. rate
stands for Obsessive Jonas Disorder.
a condidtion which affects about 99.9% of the worlds teenage girls. and maybe even some of the guys. most parents may find this condition annoying and might even think of seeking help for it. however, no cure has been found. once your infected with OJD, theres no getting out of it. you just have to simply wait it out. if thats possible.
but, most think that the boys who are at fault for this condition, will forever be apart of those who love them. and even those who dont. =]
Usage: that girl has serious OJD!!

O.J.D. rate
(Expression) O.J.D. stands for Obsessive Jonas Disorder.
a disorder that 99% of girls in the US suffer. some guys may suffer to. you get it by lookin a pic of the jonas brothers or hearing their voice. O.J.D. is very easy to pass on. u can nvr get rid of it, no matter how hard u try. once u got it, u cant get rid of it.

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