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Jesus rate
(Noun) Savior
Usage: Jesus died on the cross to free me from all sin.

Jesus rate
(Noun) Your Saviour
Usage: Jesus died for your sins!

Jesus rate
holy man died for us and made life for us. Mary his mother. Joseph his dad. God is Jesus
Jesus rate
(Noun) The LORD and King of the universe.
Usage: In the Old Testament, Jesus healed many of the sick.

Jesus rate
(Noun) Our savior who resides in heaven and on earth
Usage: Jesus saved us all.

Jesus rate
(Noun) God's One and only Son, Whom He sent to earth, to redeem the sinful human race from eternal punishment, by taking on the punishment for our sins as His own. He was born in Bethlehem, and was crucified just outside Jerusalem, at Golgotha, also called'The Place of the Skull.' He gathered 12 disciples, who followed Him, and learned from Him. One of them, Judas Iscariot, betrayed Him for 30 pieces of silver (the price of a slave), to the pharisees, who rebelled against Jesus, because He claimed to be the Messiah, and God (which He was, and is). He was crucified, and He rose to life again on the third day after. He returned to God His Father shortly afterward, after meeting with His disciples a few times. The first four books of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, record these disciples' experiences with Jesus, and are a perfect source if you wish to learn more about Him. If we make Jesus Lord of our life, we can be in Heaven forever with Him. Jesus is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnicient. He is all-loving, and will never leave you, nor forsake you.
Usage: Jesus Christ is Lord of my life, and I love Him with all my heart, and all my soul, and all my mind.

Jesus rate
(Noun) the messiah, he is the son of god. we can only enter heaven when we believe in him. he is the way.
Usage: Jesus is lord, Jehovah is god.

Jesus rate
(Noun) The savior; love
Usage: Jesus has the power to save you- if only you truly believe and accept the gift of eternal life through Him.

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