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Boring rate
(Adjective) Best descriptor of a common math class, office desk around 2:00PM, any standardized test, most learning websites, and bingo. Boring things usually lead to looking up "qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm", then looking up "mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuytrewq", then trying to learn their pronunciations. Subsequently, that same boring thing leads to looking up "boredom", and then "boring". Finally, the bored person is compelled to write a better definition for "boring" after seeing that the definitions of "boring" are in fact quite boring in themselves.
Usage: Dude, this is so boring.
My job is so boring.
School is painfully boring.
This website is really boring.

boring rate
(Adjective) when something is boring, it is dull and uninteresting. when you want to pull your eyeballs out to have something to do instead of just sitting there falling asleep because the teacher is trying to make jokes instead of actually trying to teach something that could be of importance later in life (even thought it probably won't).
Usage: This class is so boring!!!

Boring rate
(Adjective) Opposite of funny
Boring rate
(Adjective) The antonym of animated
boring rate
(Adjective) not fun
Boring rate
(Expression) To be boring is to be bored. To be bored is to have either noting to do, or are not interested in what you are doing.
Usage: My chemistry class is so boring ,the teacher doesn't even teach.

boring rate
to be of little interest
boring rate
(Adjective) tiresome
boring rate
(Adjective) not entertaining
boring rate
(Adjective) something which is not interesting.
something which causes apathy and sadness.
Usage: this movie is boring!

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