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virgin rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. A woman hymenally intact.

2. A person who has never experienced sexual intercourse.
SYNONYMS: canned goods; cherry (boy/girl); first-timer; innocent (boy/girl); jewel; hymenally challenged; inexperienced (boy/girl); intact; unplucked; undanaged goods; undeflowered.


(1) Lena (Thelma Ritter) to Samantha (Joanne Woodward) in A New Kind of Love (1963): ' One thing a fellah doesn't want from a girl is surprises. 40% of all divorce cases start on honeymoon night.'

(2) Liz (Paula Prentiss), an American striptease artist working in Paris, meets Michael James (Peter O'Toole) in What's New Pussycat? (1965):
-- Liz: ' I can't spend the rest of my life being a semi-virgin.'
-- Michael: ' What in the name of all that's gracious is a semi-virgin? '
-- Liz: ' Here I'm a virgin, in America I'm not.
-- Michael: ' What do they do? Stamp it on your pasport? '

(3) Henry Moon (Jack Nicholson) to his bride Julia Tate (Mary Steenburgen) in Goin' South (1978): ' Goddammit, I knew it! You can always tell a virgin on account the white of the eyes ain't clear.'

(4) Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy) in The Breakfast Club (1985): ' It's kind of a double-edged sword, isn't it? (...) If you say you haven't, you're a prude. If you say you have, you're a slut. It's a trap. You want to but you can't and when you do you wish you hadn't.'

(5) Pep (Tom Hanks) and Joe (Dan Aykroyd) meet the virgin Connie Swail in Dragnet (1987):
-- Pep Streebek: ' You're still a virgin!? "
-- Joe Friday: ' My hat's off to you, ma'am. I hope you remain that way.'

(6) Tamara Broder (Anjelica Huston) in Enemies. A Love Story (1989): ' Men love virgins. If every man had his way every woman would lie down a prostitute and get up a virgin.'

(7) The doctor and Charlotte Flax (Winona Ryder) in Mermaids (1990):
-- Doctor: ' Has your mother ever talked to you about sex? '
-- Charlotte: ' Oh, yes. We talk about everything. She's a wonderful mother.'
-- Doctor: ' Why did you think you were pregnant? You're still a virgin.'

(8) Topper Harley (Charlie Sheen) with Ramada (Valeria Golino) to in Hot Shots! (1991):
-- Topper: ' So, I take it you've been with a man before? '
-- Ramada: ' I'm a virgin. I'm just not very good at it.'

(9) Kevin (Robin Givens) and his younger brother Darryl (Daman Wayans) in Blankman (1994):
-- Kevin: ' You're a virgin! '
-- Darryl: ' No!... I'm a gentleman.'

(10) Tai (Brittany Murphy), Cher (Alicia Silverstone) and Dionne (Stacey Nash) in Clueless (1995):
-- Tai: ' Cher, you're a virgin? '
-- Char: ' God! You say that like it's a bad thing.'
-- Dionne: ' Besides, the P.C. term is hymenally-challenged.'

(11) Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey) to Fulton Greenwald (Ian McNeice) when the warring, rival tribes discover that the princess is no longer a virgin thanks to Ace Ventura. When Nature Calls (1995):
-- Ace: ' What's that they're saying? '
-- Fulton: ' Well, I think they're saying she's not a virgin.'
-- Ace: ' They can tell that? '

3. In swinging, a person or couple inexperienced in group sex.

virgin rate
(Adjective) Connoting purity, authenticity; an undamaged and unexploited state, as in a virgin forest, virgin wilderness; new, not shopworn, unrecycled, as in virgin wool; of the highest quality, without impurities or chemical adulteration, as in virgin olive oil; containing nothing harmful.
Virgin rate
a person that has not had a sexual relationship
virgin rate
(Noun) an individual born under the virgo zodiac sign.
virgin rate
(Adjective) doesn't have sex
Usage: i am a virgin

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