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sandwich rate
A sandwich is two or more pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or a type of spread in between.
Usage: I love peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches.

sandwich rate
(Noun) meat and/or cheese between two or more pieces of bread.
Usage: he made a sandwich, but the dog ate it.

sandwich rate
(Noun) a bread with f.e. cheese, vegetables or sausages.
sandwich rate
(Noun) Two bits of bread with a filling
Usage: Can i have a ham sandwhich sally?

sandwich rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. A man between two women.

2. A act of sex involving three people in a layered fashion, a sexual threesome, two women and one man, two men copulating the vagina and rectum of a woman, three men engaged in a chain of anal intercourse with the middle man being passive and active at the same time, or two men, one from the front, the other from the rear, simultaneously penetrating the anus of a third man.
Synonyms: chance sandwich; club sandwich; cluster fuck; design for living; double peptide; flesh sandwich; ménage à trois; Oreo cookie; sausage sandwich; séance à trois; three decker; three high; three-hole activities; three-in-a-bed: three-layer cake; threesies; three-way; three-way split; three-way swing; threesome; triple shag.
See also: cicisbeism; double-entry; Three P; three-way woman.

Quote: From Bulletproof (1997): Adam Sandler and Charlie, a hotel clerk:
-- Adam: ' What do you think? Me, you, the old lady? A little sandwich action.'
-- Clerk: ' What do you mean? '
-- Adam: ' Come on. You're a piece of white bread, she's a piece of white bread, I'm the salami; let's give it a shot.'

3. The passive partner, male or female, in a threesome, the meat between the two slices of bread.

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