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Pokemon rate
(Noun) A video game where the goal is to train monsters and become strong, defeating other people that also train them.
Usage: We played Pokemon.

Pokemon rate
(Noun) (short for pocket monsters) A video game series from Game Freak and Nintendo, also an animated series of a children's show, with the game featuring the player as a male or female character with a name, custom or default. The player then catches and battles with and defeats bad people and criminals that want to steal Pokemon and use them for evil, or they want to hurt Pokemon. The player then continues on to the Pokemon League, and then when they defeat the champion, the game has been completed.
Usage: "I just caught a new Pokemon I found, its a Pichu!"

pokemon rate
(Noun) creatures that have special abilities and say their own name when they speak
Usage: Man, that pokemon sure has one strong hydro pump!

Pokemon rate
(Noun) A broad term describing at least 492 creatures from the popular Pokemon anime and video games. The most famous is Pikachu!
Usage: "Gotta catch all of the Pokemon!"

Pokemon rate
(Noun) An awesome game made by Satoshi Tajirri inspired by catching bugs. Monsters fight to get stronger. They have a: website, card game, and a TV show. Main character in the anime Ash Ketchum. main pokemon, Pikachu . there are more than 700 pokemon . go to pokemon.com for more details . its an awesome game
Usage: I love Pokemon so much.

Pokemon rate
(Noun) A video game series made by Game Freak for Nintendo gaming systems. (Short for Pocket Monsters)
Pokemon rate
(Noun) mysterious, fictional creatures that inhabit a world
Usage: The Pokemon were everywhere.

Pokemon rate
(Noun) a game for kids
Usage: Me and my friends play Pokemon.

Pokemon rate
(Noun) A game and show for mostly children, and it is very popular.
Usage: "I have a starter Pokemon called Cyndaquil on my new Pokemon game!"

Pokemon rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Adverb) um weird lisle monsters that fit in your pocket and are cool till u turn 10 then if u play with them u look weird and whack
Usage: billy plays pokemon he has no friends

Pokemon rate
(Noun) Video game creatures from the Pokemon video game series.
Usage: Man, I haven't played Pokemon since I was 6.

Pokemon rate
(Noun) A creature popular in Japan(animated)
Usage: I caught the pokemon.

pokemon rate
(Noun) Pocket Monsters
Usage: the pokemon munchlax is raiding the refrigerator

pokemon rate
A creature like Pikachu
Usage: Pokemon Go!

pokemon rate
(Noun) a game character
Usage: One pokemon is bulbasaur

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