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philander rate
(Adult / Slang)
Of a male:

1. To have many amorous affairs, especially with a frivolous or casual attitude. Synonym: gallivant; womanize.

2. To make love (insincerely) to women, to flirt, to talk amorously, to chat up.

3. To carry on an affair or extramarital affair with a woman one cannot or does intend to marry.

4. To engage in (indiscriminate) sexual promiscuity.

5. To search promiscuously for sexual partners.

6. To be promiscuous; a synonym for philanderer.


(1) Seth (John Halliday) and Tracy (Katharine Hepburn) in The Philadelphia Story (1940):
-- Seth Lord: ' What most wives fail to realise is that their husband's philandering has nothing to do with them.'
-- Tracy Lord: ' Oh? Then what has it to do with? '
-- Seth Lord: ' A reluctance to grow old, I think.'

(2) Dick Pepper (Gig Young) explaining to his friend Augie Pool (Richard Widmark) the vicious circle of guilt of the philandering husband in The Tunnel of Love (1958):
-- Dick: ' Every time it's over I have a terrific sense of guilt.'
-- Augie: ' Oh, but you wait until it's over, hum? '
-- Dick: ' Sure. I feel I deserve this guilt. When I don't have it I'm uncomfortable so I try to recapture the guilt by chasing around.'
-- Augie: ' So why do you keep chasing around then if it's that much trouble? '
-- Dick: ' I've got to get back to that feeling of guilt. (...) I have to suffer for chasing around.'

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