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passional rate
(Adult / Slang)
Of, relating to, marked by, or filled with passion.

SYNONYMS, QUASI-SYNONYMS AND RELATED TERMS: ache for; all hot and bothered; all steamed up; all worked up; amorous; antsy; ardent; aroused; blazing; burning; climactically excited; concupiscent; covetousness; crave for; cream for; desire strongly; desirous; dripping for it; eager; erotic; estrous; excited; fervent; fervid; fiery; fired-up; flaming; flash groove; flash in the pants; fuckish; full of beans; full of fuck; full of gism; geared(-up); goatish; hanker(ing); hard (up); have (a) fever; have a hard-on for someone; have a lech; have the hots; have the hots for someone; have the urge to merge; heated; horny; hot; hot and bothered; hot as a three-dollar pistol; hot as a firecracker; hot-assed; hot-blooded; hot in the ass; hot in the biscuit; hot in the tail; hot to trot; humpy; hunger for; hunky; impassioned; impetuous; in a sweat; in heat; in season; inflamed; inspired; itching; itchy; jacked up; juicy; lascivious; letch after; letching for; lewd; libidinous; long for; lubricious; lust after; lust for; lustful; lusty; moved by passion; pashy; pashful; passional; passionate; perfervid; pine (for); prurient; quickened; rammy; randy; red-hot; rooty; rousing; rutting; ruttish; rutty; salacious; sensual (craving); sexotic; sexual desire; sexy; sizzling; steamed (up); steamy; stimulated; stirring; strong desire; sultry; sweet tooth; thirsty; torrid; turned on; urge; warm; wet; wet and willing; white-hot; wild (about); wired(-up); wistful; worked up; yearning; yen; yenny; zealous.

SEE ALSO: blue balls; cream one's pants (or jeans); hot nuts; hot rocks; love nuts.

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