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larapin rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Adjective) delicious
Usage: That meal was larapin

Larapin rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Adjective) An adjective used to describe a particularly delicious dish or entire meal.

Used mostly southern or mid-west America
Usage: That meal was larapin!

That cornbread was larapin

That meal was so larapin, if you put it on your head your tongue would slap your eyeballs out trying to get to it!

larapin rate
(Adjective) exceptionally delicious in a home-cooked sort of way
Usage: The biscuits and gravy were larapin!

larapin rate
(Adjective) Larapin is an Adjective, describing a noun...peach cobbler, ribs, gravey & biscuits. Not a verb, a verb shows action.
Should be noted this is a Mid Western & Southern term commonly used to describe tasty po' folk foods, not drink. Northerers don't have anything that is "larapin"
Usage: Pass me some more of 'dat larapin gravey n' biscuits.

larapin rate
(Adult / Slang)
(Adjective) Good-tasting vittles.
Usage: That sandwich was so larapin.

larapin rate
(Adjective) Food so good it would make you slap yore Pappy.
Usage: Them biscuits was larapin!

larapin rate
(Adjective) wonderful
Usage: the food was absolutely larapin

larapin rate
(Adjective) Something that tastes very delicious.
Usage: The meal I had at the restaurant was larapin.

larapin rate
(Adjective) delicious food
Usage: How was those brownies that Susy made?

larapin rate
(Verb) Over the top in delectable flavor, seasoning, and texture., Superior taste in the food, sauce, drink, or dessert.,Memorable meal.
Usage: That sausage gravey made those biscuts larapin. The vanilla icecream was larapin on the peach cobbler.***Note: Collard greans could never be "larapin".

larapin rate
A good flavor
Usage: Those are larapin good collard greens

larapin rate
(Adjective) Old South description of exceptionally scrumptious country cooked food by poor people. It means GREAT FOOD- Country.
Usage: That roast beef and sauce, (or any meats), and garden vegetables, and that vanilla ice cream. were just larapin. And, the cornbread and the gravy were larapin. The whole meal was just Larapin thanks to the old folks.

Larapin rate
(Expression) When something is particularly tasty, why then you lap it up like a dog. You "larip" it up. Sort of like "gobble" it down. Larip denotes a wetter food, and gobble is when the food is more dry.
Usage: I was at Big Momma's house and she done cooked some pinto beans and cornbread. We gobbled up the bread and the beans was larapin good!

Larapin rate
(Verb) (Verb) Over the top in delectable flavor, seasoning, and texture. taste in the food, sauce, drink, or dessert. Memorable meal.
Usage: MY balls are larapin.

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