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hung rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. Possessing a large penis or large genitals. This colloquialism dates back to the 17 th century. Often emphasized by comparison: hung like hickory dickory's dock / hung like a horse / hung like a bull / hung like an old mule / hung like a showdog / hung like a(n Arab) stallion / hung like a stud / well hung. Examples: ' How hung is he? He's hung like a donkey. It's 12" long, but I don't use it as a rule.' Can also be humorous: He's hung like a (stud field) mouse / he's hung like a chicken , means he has a small penis. See penis for synonyms.


(1) The railroad worker and his friend Sheriff Bart (Cleavon Little) in Blazing Saddles (1974):
-- Friend: 'You shifty nigger. They said you was hung. '
-- Bart ' And they were right.'

(2) Howard Swine (Don Steele) welcoming the guests to his swingers party in Eating Raoul (1982): ' Hi, swingers! I'm Howard Swine, your hearty host that's hung with the most. Though I hate to boast, I'm as big as a post and warm as toast.'

(3) Jack Nicholson (Jonathan) in Carnal Knowledge (1971)' Women today are better hung than men. '

(4) Robert Reisner & Lorraine Wechsler. Encyclopedia of Graffiti (1974): ' I believe in capital punishment, but I don't think women should be hung like men.'

(5) Duchess Lucinda (Barbara Hershey) to Tommy Patel (Eric Idle) in Splitting Heirs (1993).-- Duchess: ' You remind me of my late husband. (...) He was hung like a badger.'-- Tommy: ' Really? Is that good? '-- Duchess: ' Only if you're a badger.'

2. More rarely, describes a woman with great breasts.

3. Hung like a doughnut , having a vagina; being a woman.

hung rate
(Verb) past participle of hang

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