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cheese rate
(Noun) Cheese is a substance derived from milk. It comes in many different types from spreadable cheeses like Philadelphia to more common cheeses like cheddar and Edam. There are then more unusual cheeses such as goat cheese made from goat's milk and foreign cheeses such as feta.
Usage: I love cheese!

cheese rate
(Noun) yellow dairy stuff
Usage: i want a cheese sandwich

cheese rate
(Noun) yellow substance you normally put in sandwiches
Cheese rate
(Noun) Dairy product made from milk
Usage: I eat cheese

Cheese rate
Dairy product made from cows milk. Yellow and tasty!
Usage: Smell my cheese!

cheese rate
(Noun) lovable thing made out of churned milk
Usage: i like cheese its the best milk product

cheese rate
(Noun) a dairy product.
cheese rate
(Adult / Slang)
1. Smegma; cheesy-looking, -smelling secretions that form beneath the prepuce of the glans penis and glans clitoridis.
-- IN MALES: bell cheese; cock cheese; cockhead cheese; corn on the cob; cottage cheese; dick-butter; dick-dairy; dick dolcenatte; fumenda cheese; head cheese (headcheese); helmet halva; knob cheese; pecker cheese; smentana; willy wensleydale.
-- IN FEMALES: crotch cheese; cunnifungus; rag-cheese.

2. An attractive (young) woman.

3. An attractive (young) male.

4. Very rarely, to fellate. See fellatio for synonyms.

cheese rate
a food that is YUMMY and delightful, made of milk from a cow.
cheese rate
(Noun) exagerated facial expressions of the happy or eager variety
cheese rate
(Noun) yummy dairy product
Usage: I love goat cheese

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